Information for High Schools
Dear Principal/Counsellor:

The University of Manitoba is undergoing exciting changes – our office is no longer Housing and Student Life, but now is called Student Residences. The 100-year-old Taché Hall has been replaced by Pembina Hall Residence, a breathtaking new loft-style Residence with a private washroom in each room.

Our website describes our various Residence buildings and imparts a sense of the personal aspects of living on-campus.

It is interesting to note that research indicates that students who choose to live in Residence have the easiest adjustment from high school to University and show the most satisfaction with their University years. We strongly recommend that new students spend at least one year in Residence, especially since costs are quite comparable to off-campus accommodation.

Students with disabilities can be accommodated in an Arthur V. Mauro Student Residence Accessibility Suite.

Applying for a Residence room is now done online at the students’ convenience. Using this online system, students are able to search for compatible roommates and send messages to potential matches, view floor plans of Residence buildings, select their own rooms during an assigned timeslot, view their Residence account online, and pay application fees and down-payments online using a credit card.

To apply for Residence, students can go to the StarRez Portal and click Register.

There is a $50.00 Residence Application Fee that can be paid either online by credit card or by mailed cheque. Students should apply early, as space fills up quickly and applications are accepted in the order they are received. Students can apply for Residence before they have officially been accepted to the University of Manitoba.

Please visit the links for:

Having a Meal Plan is easy. Students don’t have to carry cash on campus! We can load the money directly onto their student card. First year students who live in Residence will have their choice of meal plans when they register for their room online, and all meal plan costs related to Residence will be amalgamated with the Residence fees.

Students can also visit the Food Services website to view daily menus online and to review nutritional information, sustainability initiatives, upcoming promotions, and much more!

We appreciate your support in getting our message out to your students. If there is any further information we can provide, please call our office at 204-474-9922 or 1-800-859-8737 or email your questions to

U of M Residences on the Fort Garry Campus


Pembina Hall Residence
(Private washrooms)



 Mary Speechly Hall 
(Dorm-style rooms)


University College Residence
(Dorm-style rooms)


 Arthur V. Mauro Residence
(Accessibility suites available)