Welcome to Residence
Welcome to our residence community here at the University of Manitoba!

We have an exceptional Residence Life and Administrative Team in our Student Residences unit who are here for you.

Residence provides a rich variety of activities, services, and programs designed to meet your social and educational needs. From academic support seminars to alcohol awareness campaigns, we’re certain our programming mandate has something of interest for everyone. While living in Residence, you'll meet new people who will become your life-long friends.

In our Student Residences we are committed to ensuring that our community is a safe, active, and enjoyable place to live while supporting your academic endeavours. To support this mission we have developed a set of Community Standards to ensure that your rights of personal safety and property are respected and protected.

The Student Residences staff and I are very excited to welcome you to the University of Manitoba and thank you for being part of our residence community. Feel free to drop by my office located in the Arthur V. Mauro Residence anytime.


Barry Stone
Director, Student Residences