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 Student Residences believes that living in residence is an integral part of each resident’s development. We believe that the experience of living in residence will enhance both your educational and personal growth. Your stay in residence promises to be one of the most memorable and rewarding aspects of your university career. It is a unique and valuable experience that will serve as a special part of your post-secondary education. Living in residence will provide you with an opportunity to establish new and long-lasting friendships with a wide variety of people.

In addition to the convenience of living only minutes away from classroom and labs, living in residence provides a rich variety of activities, services, and programs designed to meet the social and educational needs of university students. These include student government, consultative and judicial committee representation, academic tutoring, athletic and social events, and the celebration of both our commonality and our diversity.

Some of the advantages of living in residence:

  • personal growth
  • academic support
  • lifelong friendships
  • personal development
  • peer tutoring and counselling
  • opportunities to get involved
  • faculty-specific residence groups
  • better connections to the campus
  • leadership and employability skills
  • clean and well-maintained facilities
  • community service opportunities
  • high-speed Internet connections
  • support from Residence Staff
  • networking opportunities
  • professional development
  • safety and security
  • convenience
  • service learning opportunities

 Residence Life Programs

The Residence Staff, Coordinators, Advisors, and Councils work hard every year to provide a wide variety of services and events.

Orientation Programming – Orientation Programming is a big part of the residence experience.  Move-in day is an exciting and overwhelming experience and, as much as we try, we cannot fit all of the important information into 24 hours!  Orientation Week is the week immediately after move-in day where there is an abundance of programs to introduce students to Residence Life!  Some examples of Orientation Week Programs are; Speed-Friending, Res After dark, Bond-Fire, Tunnel Tours, Outdoor Movie Night and more!

Community Kitchen – Community Kitchens are programs run within each building twice a year.  The goal of this program is to show residents how to use our communal kitchen spaces safely and within our standards of cleanliness.  At these events, residents might also receive information regarding recipes, cooking, food safety and grocery shopping.  Some examples of Community Kitchen Programs are; Basement Brownies, Perogy Night, Fancy Grilled Cheese, and DIY Pizzas!

Residence Floor Events – Residence Floor Events are smaller scale events that are hosted by a Resident Advisor.  These programs are hosted once a month by each RA (30 Floor Events per month) !  These Programs are a way for residents to get out of their room and meet people on their floor, while experiencing an educational / fun topic.  Program topic examples are; Diversity, Academic, Life Planning, Citizenship and Sexual Health.  Example of Floor Events are; Diversity Cupcakes, Skating at the Forks, DIY Face Masks, Pumpkin Carving, Lounge Decorating etc.!

Residence Wide Programs - Residence Wide Programs are large scale programs geared towards the entire Residence Life Community.  There are 5 of these events per term.  Examples of these events include, Sex Toy Bingo, Pot party, Karaoke Night, Bell Lets Talk, Pie Day, etc.!

 Waterpalooza is an extreme event each fall, with water, slip 'n slides, etc. at the White Castle on the riverbank.

Building Wide Programs – Building Wide Programs are large scale programs that take place once a semester per building.  These programs are geared towards the entire building getting together to participate in an activity and learn something new!  Examples of Building Wide Programs are; Lobby Coffee, Haunted House, Basement Facemasks etc.!

Professional Development Sessions – Sessions are open to residence students on topics including exam preparation, essay writing techniques, resume writing, portfolio development, and job interview skills. These sessions are free of charge.

Spirit Cup Events – Spirit Cup events are held several times throughout each semester.  The goal of spirit cup events is to gain points for your respective building.  A the end of the academic year the points are tallied and the winning building receives $1,000.00 towards a building program of their choice, and bragging  rights!  Spirit Cup events are often held in conjunction with Bison Sporting Events.  For example: Volleyball, Homecoming, Duckworth Challenge etc.  Each resident is eligible for a FREE spirit cup t-shirt!  These can be picked up during move-in, orientation week, or anytime at the Residence Life Office!

  The Spirit Cup is awarded to the over-all House Champion throughout the entire year with Spirit Cup events.


 Student Government/Residence Councils

Students can also get involved in student government in the residences as there are three Residence Councils that organize activities and coordinate sports and social events for the residents.

  Events sponsored by the councils could be a 12 hour Game Night Party to game in the new school year!
  • Bring a network cable and whatever you got... PC, XBOX 360, PS3, whatever! Also movies run all night long.
  • Pizza, pop, energy drinks, and chips provided.
  • Thanks to the student groups, AMSA, RSAC, UCRSA, for sponsoring the event and making it possible.