Employment Opportunities
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Current Employment Postings

We are looking to hire residence students as Internet Technicians For ALL FOUR residence buildings for the 2018-2019 academic year.

We are primarily interested in men and women who are friendly, reliable and enjoy helping others.  A strong background in computers will be considered an asset, but not required. People skills will be considered more important than technical skills. The technical part of the job will be learned during training prior to move-in. 

As an Internet Technician, your duties will include the following:
1.         Taking direction from the IT Administrator & IT Coordinator 
2.         Working scheduled evening shifts during help desk office hours.  This includes visiting the rooms of other residence students to diagnose and resolve Internet-related issues
3.         Attending regular monthly staff meetings
4.         Attending and helping out at the biannual GAME party events (typically held on a Friday night in September & January)

Hours:  For part of September and January, you may be required to work as many as 4 evening shifts per week for both months as well as the initial September move-in weekend.  For all other months, you are required to work 1-2 shifts per week.  All evening shifts are approximately 3 ½ hours long and will be during the weekday.  

Wages:  Your residence account will be credited $2000 ($1000-September & $1000-January).  We will provide you with a tablet for the academic year, which must be returned when you end your employment.

If you are interested in applying, please forward your resume to hsl-staff-itadmin@lists.umanitoba.ca no later than Sunday, March 11th , 2018 at 11:59pm.


 ► Application Information for Student Positions

For student positions, only students with FULL-TIME status may apply.
International students must have a current Study Permit that allows work on campus and a valid SIN card, stipend positions included such as Student IT Techs, RAs, and SRAs.

To apply, please provide:

  • A cover letter
  • A resumé including a contact phone number and email address

 ► Hiring Forms

Once you have been hired, you will need to fill in the following two forms. These forms do NOT apply to stipend positions.

Also, you will be required to submit:

  • a void cheque or letter from your bank verifying your bank account

If you are a student, you will also require:

  • a copy of your U of M Student card
  • a copy of your valid Study Permit (if International Student)
  • a letter verifying your SIN card number (if International Student)
  • ICM students -- please contact the ICM office to determine if you are eligible to work on campus

 ► Tax Forms

These tax forms are required for students and are used to determine the amount of your federal and provincial tax deductions. Taxes will be deducted from your pay cheques based on the information you provide.

If you are paid as both an hourly employee and a stipend employee (i.e., free room), additional taxes will be deducted for the stipend from your pay cheques. This may happen over several pay cheques, or more likely in one lump sum. A student's hourly position can be anywhere on campus, not just with Student Residences.

Tax forms, including the TD1 Form (Federal Personal Tax Credits Return) and the TD1MB Form (Manitoba Personal Tax Credits Return) can be found on the Financial Services page at http://umanitoba.ca/admin/financial_services/payroll/employee_payroll.htm


 ► Personal Information Changes

If your address changes during your employment with Student Residences:

  • Hired staff: Please log into your jUMp account, go to the TAB - HR, then to Employee Self-Serve. You can make your own changes to your address, emergency contact, etc.
  • Stipend positions: Please contact your supervisor to update your contact information.

 ► PHIA Pledge of Confidentiality

The Access and Privacy Office offers online PHIA training for all persons associated with the University of Manitoba. The online PHIA training modules are self-directed training tools designed to educate and inform members of the University community about their responsibilities under The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) and to enable participants to sign the Pledge of Confidentiality.

To access the online PHIA training modules, click here to fill out the registration form.

Upon successful registration, you will be redirected to the online PHIA training modules. Please choose Training Module B. Follow the instructions in the module to complete the training and sign the Pledge of Confidentiality. Return completed Pledges of Confidentiality to the Assistant to the Director in the Arthur V. Mauro Office and the forms will be sent to the Access and Privacy Office. Your pledge will be assigned a number and validated that the online training has been tracked and completed. A copy of the validated pledge will be sent to you for your records.