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Access Information for University of Manitoba
EHSA web-based Chemical Inventory Database
  1. A User ID and Password are required to access the database.
  If you already have a User ID and Password click
to continue on to Log-in Page

2. User access will be assigned on the following basis:

a) Department Heads and WHMIS coordinators:
- Edit-capable access to all departmental inventories

b) Principal Investigator (PI)/Supervisor and one alternate as designated by PI/Supervisor:
- Edit-capable access to PI inventory

c) Other students or staff in the department:
- Read-only access to specific PI/supervisor's inventory. This may be changed to edit- capable access with written authorization of the PI/supervisor.

3. User IDs and Password may be obtained by contacting the Environmental Health and Safety Office with the following information after August 9, 2005:
1. Name
2. Name of Supervisor/PI
3. Department
4. Position: (Indicate PI alternate or Other)
5. U of M Staff/Student # if available
6. Mailing Address at the university
7. Lab Address
8. Lab Phone #
9. Office Phone #
10. Email address

e-mail to or phone 789-3477

Questions or Comments? Contact webmaster: Paul Houle, (204) 474-6316