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August 9, 2002

Appendix IV


Inventory Forms

  Fort Garry Campus - Buildings

5 Kings Drive
37 Kings Drive
Administration Building
Agriculture & Plant Science(1)
Agriculture & Plant Science(2)
Agriculture Lecture Block
Agriculture Engineering
Allen Physics Building
Alumni House
Animal Feed Mill
Animal Science/Entomology
Animal Science Equipment Shed(1)
Animal Science Equipment Shed(2)
Animal Science Research Unit(1)
Animal Science Research Unit(2)
Architecture 2
Armes Lecture Building
Botany Greenhouse
Buller Biological Building
Campus Day Care Centre
C.A.S.T. Building

Ceramics/Sculpture Building
Chancellor's Hall
Chick Hatchery
Continuing Education
Continuing Education - Promenade1
Continuing Education - Promenade2
Dairy Barn Art Studio
Dairy Science
Drake Centre
Duff Roblin Building

Education Building
Elizabeth Dafoe Library
Ellis Building
Engineering Building
Fine Arts Annex
FitzGerald Building
Fletcher Argue Building
Flood Pump House
Frank Kennedy Centre
Grain Storage Research Laboratory
Helen Glass Centre for Nursing
Honey House
Human Ecology
Investors Group Athletic Centre
Isbister Building

Machray Hall
Mary Speechly Hall

Max Bell Centre
McMath High Voltage Laboratory
North Chilling Plant
Overwintering Building

Parker Chemistry Building
Pembina Hall
Pharmacy Building
Physical Education Field House(1)
Physical Education Field House(2)
Physical Plant
Physical Plant Compound
Physical Plant Storage

Plant Science Field Station(1)
Plant Science Field Station(2)
Plant Science Garage (033)
Plant Science Garage (034)
Plant Science Garages (041)
Plant Science Garage & Stores(1)
Plant Science Garage $ Strores(2)
Poultry Brooding & Growing House
Poultry Cage Laying House(1)
Poultry Cage Laying House(2)
Poultry Service Building

Research Annex
Robson Hall
Russell Building
School of Music
School of Music Annex
Services Building
Sinnott Building
Soil Science Equipment Shed (1)
Soil Science Equipment Shed (2)
St. Andrew's College
St. John's College
St. John's College Residence(1)
St. John's College Residence(2)
St. Paul's College
Swimming Pool
Tache Hall - Center
Tache Hall - East
Tache Hall - West
Tier Building

University Centre
University College
University College Residence(1)
University College Residence(2)
University Stadium
Vegetable Storage Research(1)
Vegetable Storage Research(2)
Visitor Centre
Wallace Building
Waste Transfer/Storage Facility
Water Works Building

  Fort Garry Campus - Tunnels

Abandoned Tunnels between Powerhouse, Diary Science & Tache Hall
Agricultural Tunnel
Tunnel: Armes Lecture Building - St. John's College
Tunnel: Duff Roblin Building - Buller Biological Building
Tunnel: Duff Roblin Building - University College
Tunnel: Engineering Building - Russell Building
Tunnel: Machray Hall - Duff Roblin Building
Tunnel: Robson Hall - University College
Tunnel: Russell Building - Architecture 2
Tunnel: University Centre - Engineering Building
Tunnel: University College - Elizabeth Dafoe Library
Tunnel: Wallace Building - Parker Chemistry Building

  Bannatyne Campus - Buildings
  Basic Medical Science Building
Basic Science
Brodie Centre
Medical Services
Chown Building
Dentistry Building

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