Back to School Survival Tips
  • Bring us your whole shopping list as early as possible, to take advantage of the widest selection of used books.
  • Don't forget to grab a basket when you enter the store. Some of those textbooks are heavy!
  • Forgot your booklist?
    • We have two terminals in the textbook department where you can print a copy; you just need your student number and PIN.
    • OR... Download the UManitoba mobile app for iOS and Android to access your booklist on your smartphone or tablet: (
  • Visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for textbook arrival updates and Buyback titles.
  • Avoid the peak Rush periods. Try to shop before 10:00am, after 3:00pm or on Saturdays.
  • Need a lock? Safety glasses? Calculator? Scalp Massager? The Bookstore has all your needs, and helpful staff will show you where to find it.
  • All textbooks are shelved by Department or Faculty, and then alphabetically by author last name (not you class instructor's name!)
    • In the case of multiple authors, refer to the author listed first on your booklist.
  • Always keep your sales receipt until you're sure you don't need to return any of your textbooks.
  • Always watch for used textbook options
    • They are shelved next to the new copies
    • They are 25% off, and you pay no tax!
  • Be sure to check out our textbook price comparison signage throughout the store.
  • If we're out of stock, watch for in-department signage with information on book reorders and estimated arrival information - or speak with floor staff for more information.
  • Need an iClicker? Don't forget to read and follow the instructions to register it to your student number before you come to class.
  • Taking more than one course that calls for an iClicker? Good news: one is all you need!
  • Practice Exam booklets usually arrive closer to midterms, so be sure to keep checking.
  • If you have any questions, BookStore staff are on hand and happy to help!
If you're seeking more information we also have the following resources available:

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