Mission, Vision and Purpose

Our Mission:

The Ancillary Services unit is a collection of financially self-supporting businesses and departments.  The unit extends the learning environment beyond the classroom to enhance campus life through the delivery of quality goods and services.

Our Centralized Services:
All Ancillary Services businesses and support departments operate under one
central management structure and share such services as:
Business Stewardship, Accounting, Human Resources and IT oversight.

Our Vision:
Ancillary Services seeks to set the standards of excellence, and service commitment. We want to be the service provider of choice on campus.

Our Values:
Our Community: providing exceptional customer service, fostering communication and relationships with our students, faculty, staff and broader campus community.

Our Team: treating one another with respect and recognizing each person’s value.

Collaboration: we value our shared resources, knowledge and experience and work together to use these for the best overall decision making to the benefit of the University.

Operational Quality: using best practices, central services and shared resources
to deliver goods and services to our campus.

Fort Garry BookStore and Health Sciences BookStore
Providing course materials, goods, and services in a retail environment that contributes to the educational experience and campus culture at the University of Manitoba.

University of Manitoba Dining Services
Committed to lead in the management and provision of high quality food, beverage and other services to the campus community.

Parking Services
Committed to meeting our community’s transportation needs by providing environmentally sustainable, innovative and professionally-managed parking and transportation options.

University Centre Pharmacy / Postal Outlet
Offering patient-focused pharmaceutical care and is dedicated to the professional service of its customers, holding their health and safety first and foremost.  The University Centre Postal Outlet efficiently serves the University community in a knowledgeable and competent manner, in accordance with Canada Post Corporation Regulations.

Student Residences
To provide quality on-campus accommodations in a safe, supportive and community-rich environment that promotes the personal, cultural and social growth of our students, while enhancing the likelihood of their success.

Conference & Catering Services
To provide a “one-stop service” for the planning of meetings, conferences, special events and catered functions to the University of Manitoba and community.

University Centre Services
Committed to manage and provide an accessible, safe, and secure environment in and around University Centre for visitors and tenants.