Transferring Students

If your research is (or is planned to be) in the field of Biomedical Engineering (BME), and you wish to have your research recognized as BME, you may consider transferring to the BME program to receive a degree specific to your research area as “M.Sc. of Biomedical Engineering” or “Ph.D. of Biomedical Engineering”. You can find information about our BME program on this website under the "Prospective Students" link.

The new Biomedical Engineering Graduate program at University of Manitoba is an excellent program that provides expertise to rapidly growing field of biomedical sciences and engineering. Job forecasts seem uniformly positive and encouraging for people with a graduate degree in BME; the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists biomedical engineering as one of the fastest growing occupations in the U.S. for the decade ending in 2018.  

Please note the information on admission and course requirements, are written basically for students who will be admitted to the BME program from the start of their graduate program; the rules would be different for those who would be transferring. In fact, the BME Admission Committee will consider all of the transferring requests case by case to determine whether or not you might be require taking any extra course; it will depend to the year of your program and the courses that you’ve passed so far. The decision of the Admission Committee on your transfer application will be communicated with you first, and then upon your approval on due time you will be transferred to BME program. If you have any question and you need to consult prior to your application, you may contact us (the program director or any of the Admission Committee members listed on the website under the “People” link).

Students wanting to transfer into the BME Program are subject to getting approval from their Supervisor, and their Supervisor or Co-supervisor must be or become a member of the BME Committee. Transferring students must pay a fee to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.