Although acceptance into a Graduate Program is based mostly on academic merit, you need to check all requirements before taking the next step.

Should you have questions please contact us by EMAIL ONLY.   Unfortunately, we cannot respond to phone calls. 



STEP 1:  Do You Qualify

STEP 2:  Select Your Graduate Program

STEP 3:  Identify A Research Topic

STEP 4:  Contact a Professor in BME

STEP 5:  Admissions Application / Deadlines

                 5A. Univ. of Manitoba Graduates

                 5B. Applicants:  Non-Univ. of Manitoba

STEP 6:  Review & Admissions Notification

STEP 7:  Official Documents Required





The Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering (BME) is a graduate research program in the Engineering Faculty which requires a research thesis for graduation.  The requirements listed on this site are minimum admissions requirements for this graduate program.  As the Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering (BME) is a graduate research program, professors in this Department/Graduate Program may require additional admissions requirements and/or pre-requisites, please check with the Academic Advisor (professor) offering you tentative acceptance BEFORE submitting an online admissions application.

Acceptance or Admissions into the BME graduate program is dependent on numerous factors and is NOT AUTOMATIC with the submission of a application, tentative acceptance from a professor in our Department, or minimum GPA.  Applications and Interviews are evaluated on a variety of factors which may include, but not limited to space availability; academic history; publications; research history and background; performance history in courses in the student's research/study area, mature, safe, and responsible behavior; good judgement/common sense; ability to work with confidential information; ability to follow instructions, rules, & procedures; ability to work with others (including but not limited superiors, co-researchers/co-students, outside firms, staff, etc.); availability of funds; preset evaluation factors (English language exam scores, etc.); professor recommendations; GPA; etc..

The Faculty of Graduate Studies further reviews all applications and documents and offers final admissions results, acceptance or rejection, through the applicant's Self-Service Account (see STEP 6). 





BEFORE submitting an Online Admissions Application please make sure you have successfully completed the following courses.  These pre-requisite courses are REQUIRED for admissions to the BME Graduate Program.

  1. Math 1210 (Linear Algebra)
  2. Math 1510 (Calculus 01)
  3. PHYS 1050 (Physics 01)

These courses or their EQUIVALENT (courses at other institutions may have other course numbers) to those mentioned above -- please confirm "equivalent courses" with the professor who asks you to submit an online admissions application to the BME Graduate program.

** Where a student meets general admissions criteria but lacks any of Math 1210 (Linear Algebra), Math 1510 (Calculus 1) or PHYS 1050 (Physics 1) (or their equivalent) in her/his background, he/she must complete those courses as an Occasional Student (subject to additional fees) upon admission to the program.




ALL APPLICANTS MUST hold, at least, a 4-Bachelor's degree OR equivalent from a recognized post-secondary institution and accredited program. Individual Research Groups and Programs may require additional degrees or credentials, pre-requisites, and/or more specific degree requirements, please confirm other requirements with the professor with whom you wish to conduct research.

    • The Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Manitoba requires the successful completion of a four (4) year's Bachelor's program in Engineering, Medicine/Medical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, etc.  from an accredited, 4-years Bachelor's program at a recognized university
    • ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS:  Individual Research Groups and Programs may require additional degrees or credentials, pre-requisites, and/or more specific degree requirements, please confirm other requirements with the professor with whom you wish to conduct research
    • DEGREE BACKGROUND:  Usually, Bachelor's and Master's degrees are expected to be from backgrounds in Engineering, Medicine/Medical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, etc. (e.g. a B.Sc. or M.Sc. or equivalent), please contact the Academic Advisor (professor) who has offered you tentative acceptance as to whether your degree meets his / her expectations as well as those of the Department and University.
  • ND, HND, Post-Graduate Diploma, 3-Year Bachelor's Degree:
    • 3-YEAR BACHELOR'S DEGREE:   In most cases, students who have earned a 3-years Bachelor's Degree must additionally successfully completed an additional
      • 1-year M.Sc. Program or
      • 1-year Honours Program or
      • Successfully completed a number of  A-Level Examinations (to be determined upon application review)

QUALIFICATION OF AN EXTRA YEAR PROGRAM:   The Honours Program or A-Level Examinations are reviewed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies to verify minimum acceptance.

TRANSCRIPTS:  Transcripts of the extra program (M.Sc., Honours, or A-Level) are required for review

    • At minimum, a Bachelor's Degree is required along WITH a Post-Graduate Diploma.
    • A Post-Graduate Diploma is NOT CONSIDERED a Master's Degree
  • ND (National Diploma):  
    • The National Diploma will generally exempt a student from the first 2-years of study in a 4-year bachelor's degree program.  This definition may vary if the N.Dip. depending on where the N.Dip was earned
    • The Faculty of Graduate Studies reviews and determines the acceptability and status of the N.Dip.
  • HND (Higher National Diploma):   The attainment level is one above that of a Higher National Certificate (HNC) and one below that of a Bachelor's degree.  It is usual for HNDs to cover roughly the same area as the first two levels of a bachelor's degree.




Terminal Degrees are advance degrees without a research paper only coursework. 

EXAMPLE:  If you completed a coursework only master's program -- no research paper was defended, reviewed, or submitted.

Usually, at the University of Manitoba, ECE Graduate Program, you would need to begin your graduate studies at the Master of Science level. 




The Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering DOES NOT require GRE scores for admissions. 



GRADE POINT AVERAGE (GPA) -- Academic Achievement


    • GPA CALCULATION:  The Department does NOT calculate GPAs in advance of tentative acceptance from a professor in the Graduate Program Electrical & Computer Engineering.  The request must come directly from the professor, NOT from the applicant.  Desirable GPAs are usually first-class or second-class (division 1) honours.
      • Students may calculate their GPA prior to submitting a Admissions Application
      • These calculation are tentative, not official calculation
      • Canadian or U.S. Transcripts
        • We calculate GPA using only the LAST 60-Credit Hours from the student's Bachelor's of Science transcripts 
      • International Students Transcripts
        • We use only the LAST 2-YEARS of study or equivalent from the student's Bachelor's of Science transcripts
        • If a Master's Degree is held, the Master's program is weighted as ONE year of study the other ONE year (or equivalent) will come from the student's Bachelor's of Science transcripts
        • GRADE SHEETS: (If issued)
          • What is a GRADE SHEET -- A Grade Sheet is an official document from the issuing institution informing other institution how they calculate GPA and the value of their grades
          • Upon the receipt of Official Transcripts we will calculate the Student's GPA using the Grade-Sheet provided by the issuing institution
          • In cases where grades are issued AFTER the initial assessment, the university will re-calculate the Admissions and Award GPAs
          • An OFFICIAL OFFER OF ADMISSIONS may NOT be given to students with low GPAs earned either prior to, or AFTER THE -RE-CALCULATION of the GPA
  •  WES:  We do NOT accept WES (World Education Services) evaluations
  • GPAs BELOW 3.5:  Unfortunately, we may not be able to offer admissions to students with GPAs below 3.5
      • Admissions & Award GPAs are calculated in accordance to the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Graduate Studies' regulations.
      • Final approval rests with the Faculty of Graduate Studies
    • Low GPAs we cannot offer
      • Conditional Acceptance
      • Pre-Master's Admissions
    • We CANNOT bargain or negotiate admissions requirement
    • We CANNOT negotiate the manner in which GPAs are calculated
    • We require minimum GPAs for Engineering, Computer, or Other courses related to your research. These courses will be further evaluated by the professor offering tentative acceptance.




Prospective students who are required to submit qualifying English language scores,  regardless of immigration status, are those students

  • whose first language is NOT English OR
  • who were internationally educated OR
  • whose country's official language is NOT English

Waivers may also be applicable to students who completed a degree program in a COUNTRY whose official language is English.  Waivers ARE NOT necessarily given to students who completed a degree program from an INSTITUTION whose program is English language based.





A variety of factors including but not limited to:  previous course work, grades, letters of reference, publications, CV, covering letter, relevant experience and the support of the advisor will be considered in making a decision regarding admissions.





  • Tentative Acceptance is the acceptance offered by a Professor.  He / she will ask you to submit an online admissions application and apply to his/her research group. 
  • Once you apply we will review your paperwork further (English language exam scores, transcripts, C.V., research intent, recommendations, etc.) and the Professor will recommend acceptance or rejection of  your admissions application to the Department and Faculty of Graduate Studies. 
    This acceptance is tentative as your documents must be review further by the Department and Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS). 

Final admissions is offered by FGS through your SELF-SERVICE ACCOUNT  -- Please monitor your account. 

Please see STEP 3:  Contact a Professor in BME 





Neither Tentative Approval for admissions by an academic advisor within BME or the submission of an application and payment of processing fees guarantees admissions to the Graduate Program. All applications are reviewed by the Department and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  Final approval rests with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

All students are responsible for the content of their Admissions Application and in making sure that the instructions and procedures are followed for the proper submission of an Admissions Application which includes obtaining Tentative Acceptance from a professor in the Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering in advance of the submission of an official admissions application.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:   It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that he / she holds the current and correct documents required by the IRCC to enroll as a graduate student in Canada.  Additionally, International students must conduct themselves in accordance to IRCC rules and regulations.