BEFORE formally submitting an admissions application to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, you must first find an academic advisor (professor) who might accept you into his/her research group REGARDLESS of the type of degree you're seeking

Should you have questions please contact us by EMAIL ONLY.   Unfortunately, we cannot respond to phone calls. 

STEP 1:  Do You Qualify

STEP 2:  Select Your Graduate Program

STEP 3:  Identify A Research Topic

STEP 4:  Contact a Professor in BME

STEP 5:  Admissions Application / Deadlines

                 5A. Univ. of Manitoba Graduates

                 5B. Applicants:  Non-Univ. of Manitoba

STEP 6:  Review & Admissions Notification

STEP 7:  Official Documents Required






ALL prospective BME graduate students are REQUIRED to obtain a tentative acceptance from a professor in our Graduate Program PRIOR to submitting an online admissions applications.

The professor is the person

  • who will initially review your academic background, research intent, previous experience, and C.V.
  • with whom you may discuss funding



  • You may submit an Admissions application without prior Tentative Acceptance from a professor in our Department HOWEVER, chances are slim that your application will be reviewed -- you submit at your own risk.
  • Please be aware that neither Tentative Acceptance nor the submission of an Admissions application and the payment of Processing Fees guarrantees admissions to the Graduate Program.




HOW TO CONTACT PROFESSORS (Academic Advisors)  -- Tentative Acceptance:

Tentative Acceptance is the acceptance by a professor.  This professor is allowing you to apply to his/her research group.  Once you apply we will review your paperwork further (transcripts, C.V., research intent, recommendations, etc.).  This acceptance is tentative as your documents must be review further by the Department and Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS).  Final admissions is offered by FGS through your Self-Service Account. 
  • FINDING A PROFESSOR (Academic Advisor)
    • You may contact all professor (Academic Advisor) who you feel are in your area of proposed research
    • Please go to the "FIND AN ACADEMIC ADVISOR" title in the right-hand nav-bar
      • "FIND AN ACADEMIC ADVISOR" is highlighted in YELLOW
    • You may select Academic Advisors from either the CORE or ADJUNCT list of BME members
    • READ the brief research information under each professor's name.  If the description seems to match your proposed research please feel free to contact the professor by email ONLY
  • CONTACTING A PROFESSOR (Academic Advisor)



You may contact either CORE or ADJUNCT BME  professors.  Each professor's research area is described next to their name.




All professors need to review your academic background to determine if you are a good match for the professor's research group. Besides your GPA a professor will review your Academic Background, knowledge of the professor's research area, writing and other communications skills, etc.


    1. C.V.
      • include all publications, posters, conference participation, etc.
      • include all honours, awards, acknowledgements, etc.
      • include all jobs pertaining to BME, Engineering, Medical, Biology, Chemistry, etc. and briefly state what you did while on-the-job
    2. ALL Post-Secondary Transcripts
    3. Statement of Research Intent
      • A Statement of Research Intent is a preliminary summary of your research project
      • Please write a brief, succinct Statement of Research Intent -- the Statement should not be longer than 2-pages, double-spaced.
      • IF YOU HAVE SEVERAL RESEARCH INTERESTS please customize your Statement of Research Intent for each professor to with whom you are interested in working.
    • Professors usually respond in about 8-weeks
      • If you do not hear back from a professor in about 8-weeks, that professor may not be interested in your application at this time.




Neither Tentative Approval for admissions by an academic advisor within BME or the submission of an application and payment of processing fees guarantees admissions to the Graduate Program. All applications are reviewed by the Department and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  Final approval rests with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

All students are responsible for the content of their Admissions Application and in making sure that the instructions and procedures are followed for the proper submission of an Admissions Application which includes obtaining Tentative Acceptance from a professor in the Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering in advance of the submission of an official admissions application.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:   It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that he / she holds the current and correct documents required by the IRCC to enroll as a graduate student in Canada.  Additionally, International students must conduct themselves in accordance to IRCC rules and regulations.