List of Students in BME Program

Last updated: 10/03/2015

Student Advisors(s) and Project Title Program
Al-Abedi, Mahmoud A. Goertzen (Radiology/Physics) Ph.D.
Hybrid PET/MR imaging and image processing
Cadonic, Chris B. Albensi (Pharmachology) M.Sc.
Mathematical modeling of Mitochondrial bioenergetics: Applications to Alzheimer's Disease Dysfunction
Dastgheib, Zeinab Z. Moussavi (Eng.), B. Lithgow (Eng.) Ph.D.
Design of diagnostic algorithms using EVestG identifying patients with Meniere’s disease
Elwali, Ahmed Z. Moussavi (Eng.) M.Sc.
Garcia, Mari
Z. Moussavi (Eng.), J. Ortega (Psychology) M.Sc.
The effect of memory exercises on aging population
Kaye, Cameron J. LoVetri (Eng.) M.D.-Ph.D.
Use of Magnetic nanoparticles and nitroxide free radicals in contrast-enhanced microwave imaging of the breast
Kim, Seungil S. Liu (Textile Sciences) Ph.D.
pH-responsive intravaginal rings for smart drug delivery system
Kimura, Kazu Z. Moussavi (Eng.) Ph.D.
Augmented immersive virtual reality for Alzheimer’s diagnosis
MacGregor, Cameron Z. Moussavi (Eng.) M.Sc.
Use of Breath Sounds Recorded During Wakefulness to Screen for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Mortaza, Niyousha C. Glazebrook (Kinesiology), Z. Moussavi (Eng.) M.Sc.
Investigation of foot sole stimulation on the recovery of spinal cord injury
Mostaco, Leila A. Major (Eng.), A. Ko (NRC) Ph.D.
Development of methods to monitor the progression of cardiovascular diseases using nonlinear optical microscopy techniques
Ni, Tian Z. Moussavi (Eng.), S. Pistorious (Physics) M.Sc.
Virtual Reality Environment for Brachytherapy Simulation, Training and Real-Time Adaptive Optimization
Palmer, Vanessa M. Martin (UofW & Pharmachology of UofM) M.Sc.
Correlation of Quantitative MRI Metrics with Electron Microscopy Measures in the Corpus Collosum of the Cuprizone Mouse Model
Ranjbar-Pouya, Omid
Z. Moussavi (Eng.), D. Kelly (Psychology) Ph.D.
Investigation of the timing perception in elderly population and those with dementia
Rutherford, Grant
Z. Moussavi (Eng.) Ph.D.
Application of rTMS on Alzheimer’s treatment
Saha, Shumit  Z. Moussavi (Eng.) M.Sc.
Investigating the Effects of Changing in the Neck Fluid Volume, Neck Circumference and Upper Airway during Sleep on Snoring Sound Characteristics
Shatil, Anwar C. Figley (Radiology) M.Sc.
Characterizing radiology-pathology correlations by ex vivo MRI
Solis, Mario S. Pistorious (Physics) M.Sc.
Design and development of a clinical breast microwave imaging system
Soltanzadeh, Ramin Z. Moussavi (Eng.) Ph.D.
Investigation of flow-sound relationship in sleep and wake in people with obstructive sleep apnea
Sulieman, Abed Z. Moussavi (Eng.), B. Lithgow (Eng.) Ph.D.
Detection and monitoring of concussion using EVestG
White, Paul Z. Moussavi (Eng.) M.Sc.
Design of a Virtual Reality Training System for Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Early Stage Alzheimer's
Younas, Sohail C. Figley (Radiology) M.Sc.


Above: BME MD/PhD student Cameron Kaye
(read a profile of Cameron and his research here)

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