BME Graduate Admissions

Admissions Information & Instructions


Should you have questions please contact us by EMAIL ONLY.   Unfortunately, we cannot respond to phone calls. 








STEP 1:  Do You Qualify

STEP 2:  Select Your Graduate Program

STEP 3:  Identify A Research Topic

STEP 4:  Contact a Professor in BME

STEP 5:  Admissions Application / Deadlines

                 5A. Univ. of Manitoba Graduates

                 5B. Applicants:  Non-Univ. of Manitoba

STEP 6:  Review & Admissions Notification

STEP 7:  Official Documents Required




NOTE:   Please carefully read our admissions instructions & information, and program information BEFORE submitting an application. Applicants are responsible for the properly applying for any program and for the content of their application. Applications incorrectly submitted or which are missing the following are not be reviewed. 

  • post-graduate document (regardless of whether or not the program was completed)
  • qualifying English Language Exam scores
  • tentative acceptance from a professor in our Department




Acceptance or Admissions into the BME graduate program is dependent on numerous factors and is NOT automatic with the submission of a application or tentative acceptance by a professor.  Applications and Interviews are evaluated on a variety of factors which may include, but are not limited to space availability; academic history; publications; research history and background; mature, safe, and responsible behavior; good judgement or common sense; able to work with confidential information; ability to follow instructions, rules, & procedures; ability to work with others (including but not limited superiors, co-researchers/co-students, patients, staff, etc.); availability of funds, preset evaluation factors (English language exam scores, etc.), professor recommendations; GPA; etc..




  • THIRD PARTY or PROXY SOLICITATION/COMMUNICATIONS:  We DO NOT offer tentative acceptance to Third Party Solicitors including companies, friends, relatives, (i.e. anyone who is NOT the prospective student).  Students must email Academic Advisors (professors) directly -- please treat this contact professionally and be prepared to answer questions.  

    Due to privacy laws we will not reply to third-party or proxy inquiries on an applicant.  Applicants must make their own inquires by email
  • WORK EXPERIENCE:  Work experience, especially at the graduate level, is always very good but as to how heavily it is considered for a particular student's area of research is dependent on the evaluation of Academic Advisor (professor)  considering you for Admissions.  Please consult with the Academic Advisor offering your tentative acceptance.
  • UNSOLICITED PAPERWORK:  Unsolicited paperwork sent to the Graduate Student Advisor, General Inquiries to the Dept. will be DESTROYED UPON RECEIPT.  Transcripts, CV, and Statement of Research Intent should be sent directly to professors.
  • FUNDING:   Please discuss funding directly with the professor with whom you have applied
  • PRE-MASTER PROGRAM:   The BME Graduate Program DOES NOT offer a Pre-Master's program
  • M.ENG PROGRAM:   The BME Graduate Program DOES NOT offer an M.Eng. program




Unfortunately, we are only able to answer questions by email -- phone calls are not accepted.



Neither Tentative Approval for admissions by an academic advisor within BME or the submission of an application and payment of processing fees guarantees admissions to the Graduate Program. All applications are reviewed by the Department and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  Final approval rests with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

All students are responsible for the content of their Admissions Application and in making sure that the instructions and procedures are followed for the proper submission of an Admissions Application which includes obtaining Tentative Acceptance from a professor in the Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering in advance of the submission of an official admissions application.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:   It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that he / she holds the current and correct documents required by the IRCC to enroll as a graduate student in Canada.  Additionally, International students must conduct themselves in accordance to IRCC rules and regulations.