Affiliate Members

Sergio Camorlinga, PhD., Applied Computer Science Department

CAMORLINGA, Sergio, Associate Professor
Applied Computer Science
University of Winnipeg


RESEARCH INTERESTS: Complex systems in health

Dr. Juiliette Cooper

COOPER, Juliette (Archie), Professor Emeritus
Home Dept: Occupational Therapy


RESEARCH INTERESTS:  3-D kinematics of functional upper limb motion, electromyography, work-related low-back pain


WRHA Clinical Engineering Program

RESEARCH INTERESTS:   Systems approach in complex systems, healthcare technology patient oriented research, patient safety, biomedical engineering education, cardiovascular physiology and devices, immunology of blood-biomaterial interactions, in vitro flow models and blood rheology.

Edward Giesbrecht

GIESBRECHT, Edward M., Assistant Professor
College of Rehabilitation Sciences

RESEARCH INTERESTS:  Use of assisted technologies and participation; Wheeled mobility and participation; Effectiveness of wheelchair skills training with older adults.

Dr. Alex Ko

KO, Alex C-T., Adjunct Professor
Home Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering


RESEARCH INTERESTS:  Biophotonics, Non-linear Optical Microscopy, Multiphoton Microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and coherent anti-Stokes Raman Imaging, Fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging.

MILLIKIN, Colleen, Assistant Professor
Home Dept: Clinical Health Psychology


RESEARCH INTERESTS: Differential diagnosis of dementia, nonpharmacological treatment for dementia


POOYANIA, Sepideh, Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine



Dr. Xikui Wang

WANG, Xikui, Professor
Home Dept:  Statistics


RESEARCH INTERESTS:    Biostatistics, Response Adaptive Clinical Trials (Ethics, Statistical Design and Analysis), Sequential Design of Experiments, Bandit Processes, Markov Decision Processes, Mathematical Finance, Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management