Winter 2014 Seminars
 Date Speaker
Jan. 23
Dr. Zahra Moussavi
Professor UofM – BME
An informal seminar  for all current and future BME students to discuss the BME graduate program, as well as give some important updates about the program.

Feb. 6
Dr. Kearney Professor
McGill University New Methods For  Estimating Joint Stiffness During Posture And Locomotion

Feb. 27
Omid Ranjbar Ph.D. student UofM – BME
The Effect of Physical and Virtual Rotation of a 3D Object on Spatial Perception in Young and older adults

Mar. 13
Cancelled Cancelled Seminar moved to Mar 27th

Mar. 27 Dr. Halayko Professor UofM – BME, Physiology, Internal Medicine Bio-airway Research Offering New Concepts in Health (BRONCH) Partnership: Bioengineering Artificial Human Airways

Apr. 10
Dr. Tabrizian Professor McGill University Biointerfaces and Biomimetics for Enabling Technology Platforms


Apr. 24
Dr. Maurice Smith Professor Harvard University
Motor variability and internal competition in motor learning


May 8
Younes Rakhshani M.Sc. student UofM – BME Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for Brain Imaging

May 29
Dr. Chris Ellis Professor University of Western Ontario
Microvasculature Regulation of Oxygen Supply: the most important control system on planet Earth?
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