Winter 2013 BME Seminars
 Date Speaker
Thursday Jan. 10
Dr. Z. Moussavi
Professor UofM - ECE/BME
Research Methods and Embodied Intelligence

Thursday Jan. 24
Ehsan Shams
M.Sc. Student
UofM - BME
Auditory and Vestibular Potentials, differences and similarities

 Thursday Feb. 7
Dr. Jim Hogg
Professor Emeritus UBC
*Structural features of centrilobular emphysema

Thursday Feb. 21
Dr. Z. Moussavi Professor UofM - BME, ECE
A workshop on writing an effective scientific research paper
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Date Speaker Position From Title
Thursday March 7
Chathura Kumaragamage
M.Sc. Student UofM - BME
Ultra-low noise signal conditioning

Thursday March 21
Dr. Jeff Fredberg
Harvard University
*Collective cellular migration: A minuet or a mosh?

Original video (filmed with wide-angle lens)

Thursday April 4
Leila Mostaco-Guidolin
Ph.D. student
UofM - BME
Application of nonlinear optical microscopy to track development of plaques in arteries

Thursday April 18
Dr. Carlo Miniussi Professor Brescia University (Italy) rTMS applications on Alzheimer’s disease
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Date Speaker Position From Title
Thursday May 2 Mari Garcia M.Sc. student UofM - BME How to improve memory at old ages?

Thursday May 16
Dr. Amir Meghdadi
UofM - Computer Science
Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Applications in Human Computer Interaction

Thursday May 30
Dr. Gary Sieck
Professor & BME Chair Mayo Clinic, BME Department
Mechanical - Energetic Coupling in Airway Smooth Muscle
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