Fall 2013 BME Seminars
     Date Speaker
    Thursday Sept. 12
    Dr. Magdy Younes
    Professor Emeritus
    UofM - Faculty of Medicine
    Development and implementation patient-controlled ventilator for critically ill patients

    Thursday Sept. 26
    Dr. Melanie Martin
    Associate Professor
    UofM – BME, Pharmachology
    U of Winnipeg, Physics
    Uncovering the Mysteries of Disease Deep Inside the Living Brain

    Thursday Oct. 10
    Grant Rutherford
    Ph.D. student
    UofM – BME
    Effect of rTMS on Alzheimer’s

    Thursday Oct. 24
    Dr. Brian Blakley
    UofM – BME, Laryngology
    Clinical Application of Vestibular Testing

    Thursday Nov. 7
    Mario Solis
    M.Sc. Student
    UofM – BME
    Evaluating the performance of Breast Microwave Radar Imaging for skin thickness

    Thursday Nov. 21 Dr. Azadeh Yadollahi
    Postdoctoral Fellow
    U of Toronto - IBBME
    Effect of saline infusion on obstructive sleep apnea severity in men

    Thursday Dec. 5
    Cam Kaye
    Ph.D. Student
    UofM – BME
    Exploration of Contrast Agents for Functional Imaging Using Microwave Tomography