20 September
Deep Learning for Image Reconstruction
Vahab Khoshdel, BME Ph.D. Student, University of Manitoba

Vahab Khoshdel, Ph.D. Student
University of Manitoba

Academic Advisor: Dr. Joe LoVetri

 04 October
Fast Simulator of Finite-Beam Optical Coherence Tomography of Inhomogeneous Turbid Media
Micheal Sobhy, BME M.Sc. Student, University of Manitoba

Micheal Sobhy, M.Sc. Student
University of Manitoba

Academic Advisor:  Dr. Sherif Sherif

18 October
Advanced Neuroimaging Tools for Studying Multiple Sclerosis (and Other White Matter Disorders)
Dr. Chase Figley, Dept. of Radiology & Graduate Pgm Biomedical Engineering, University of Manitoba

Dr. Chase Figley, Asst. Professor
Dept. of Radiology &
Graduate Program Biomedical Engineering
University of Manitoba


01 November
Analyses on Hand Collateral Circulation and an Objective Screening Algorithm Using Differential Photoplethysmography
Ahmed Elwali, PhD Candidate, BME, University of Manitoba

Ahmed Elwali, Ph.D. Candidate
University of Manitoba

Academic Advisor:  Dr. Zahra Moussavi


15 November

29 November


 13 December