2015 Winter Seminars


 Date & Time

Jan 15
4 - 5 PM
Daniel Tapia
Research Assoc.
Physics & Astronomy
University of Manitoba
Microwave Radar: A Novel Approach for Breast Cancer Detection
Jan 29
4 - 5 PM
Kazu Kimura
Ph.D. Student

Chris Cadonic

University of Manitoba

Feb 12
4 - 5 PM
May Wang, Assoc. Prof.
Georgia Institute of Technology
Biomedical Big Data Analytics for Patient-Centric and Outcome-Driven Health Care
Feb 26
4 - 5 PM
Yunhua Luo, Assoc. Prof.
Mech. & Manuf. Eng.
University of Manitoba
Image-Based Computational Biomechanics: Progresses and Challenges
Mar 12
4 - 5 PM
Sherif Sherif, Assoc. Prof.
Electrical & Comp. Eng.
University of Manitoba
Optical Coherence Tomography: A Novel Biomedical Imaging Modality
Mar 26
4 - 5 PM
Shannon Kolind
Postdoctoral Fellow
Univ. of British Columbia
Myelin-Specific MRI: From Development to Application in Clinical Trials
Apr 9
4 - 5 PM
Trevor Gascoyne, Mgr.
Clinical Eng & Research

Dale Kellington, VP
Business Development

Orthopaedic Innovation Centre

Entrepreneurship in BME and Medical Devices
Apr 23
4 - 5 PM

John Gore, Professor
Radiology & Radiological Sci.
Vanderbilt University

Novel Contrast Mechanisms in Magnetic Resonance Imaging


May 7  Ice Cream “Field Trip” with BME students and faculty