Information for New Students -
Access to UofM / Facutly of Architecture Services

Students accepted to the M1 year of the CP program for September 2010 should return to check this page for updates through the summer. You will gain a general sense of forthcoming dates and activities by reviewing last years program.
A number of letters will be sent to the student body by Dr. Richard Milgrom, in anticipation of the new academic year. We have tried to go 'paperless' , meaning that all the attachments should also appear on the Faculty web-site, at:

The letters can help with orienting yourself for your meetings with your various advisees. There will be a few dates of particular note, summarised below, plus a few more that you might want to check/book now:

Enjoy the summer.

See also the Orientation page.

Note, the following will be updated for the 2010 year.

You should have now a package of information to assist you in entering the program, and getting registered. You should find:

- Dept. of City Planning 2008/2009 Listing of Courses by Year, by Term (including timetable and class location information)
- Faculty of Architecture 2008/2009 Electives, by Department by Term
- CP Courses Timetable – Week-at-glance Matrix Format, by Term
- Telephone Registration Information
- UMAPS Welcome Letter
- City Planning - Student Handbook
- Plans, Trends and Other Motifs: Fifty Years of Excellence in Planning Education
- CP Department Guidelines for Conducting a Thesis or Practicum
- Financial Assistance Options Information
- Recommended Program References for Incoming/Returning Students

The recommended summer readings can be found at : summer readings list ).

Click on the information points below to first orient you to the UofM campus and Faculty of Architecture location. You will then find the steps you need to take for registration, to get your Student ID / Library card, your e-mail and internet access,and computer lab access. Several of these steps can be taken before Orientation week. Further information is provided on the Department , the Orientation week and housing.

U of M and Faculty of Architecture Locations

General Campus Services

Registration, Student number, Student (Library) Card


Computer Services at UofM

Email accounts and Faculty of Architecture Computer services

Planning Studio space

Keep Informed

Orientation, (Dr. Milgrom will provide further details as arranged)


Project work during Studio II, 2000.
U of M and Faculty of Architecture Locations:
The Ft. Garry campus is approximately 10 km. south of the downtown along Pembina Hwy 42. Faculty of Architecture facilities are located in the J.A.Russell building and the adjacent Architecture II building. Two aerial views of the campus are are provided. You can link to the UofM Campus Map for a general map and further information regarding all buildings, parking, libraries and computer lab, tunnels and the Bannatyne campus.

General Campus Services:
The U of M Student Affairs webpage provide inforrmation regarding Enrollment, Housing, Employment, Health Services, Counselling, Student Records etc. Regulations regarding applications and admissions, registration, student stats, regulations, policies, appeals etc. can be found at UofM Academic Guide.

Registration, Student number, Student (Library) Card:
New students must register in person after August 20. Get in contact with your Advisor. Registration forms are available in the Faculty main office 201 J.A. Russell. Course selection is based on the required courses in Term 1 and 2. Electives can be based on your best guess of courses you might take. During orientation you will meet with your Program Advisor and can then make any changes to your registration. Course catalogue numbers and more information about planning your program can be found in the Program and Courses sections of the City Planning web site.
Go to Grad Studies with your registration. You will provided with a student ID number and receive a fee assessment. You will be instructed to go to the Student Records office where you will receive your student card. Once you have registered you will be able to get your UofM library card. You need it to borrow library materials, to use library computers and to access many online files and services. Your library card is also your student identification card at UofM. Before September 8, you can obtain your UofM Library card at the Main Library at specified times. Call or check the website for information about hours of operation. After September 8, normal library card hours resume in Library. A session will be held during Orientation week to introduce you to Faculty of Architecture office procedures. A schedule of the Orientation 2007 will be available later in August.

The Main Library website link is UofM Main Library .
The Faculty of Architecture has its own library (along with Fine Arts) conveniently located in the J.A. Russell building. See Faculty of Architecture Library Homepage .

Computer Services on UofM campus:
For Computer Services see link to campus map for locations.
From home, modem dial in is (204) 275-5166.

Email accounts and Faculty of Architecture Computer services:
1. As a UofM student you are entitled to an email package which includes unlimited Internet/email
time from an on-campus computer and (t.b.a) hours/month of remote access. You can register for this as soon as you know your student number. To set up a macJanet Account visit Room 116 Arch II. On one of the envelopes provided include the following: 1. name and student number, 2. date, 3. amount enclosed. Enclose payment of $20.00 cash or cheque ($15.00 of this goes towards account and %5.00 towards printing credits). Too add printing credits see a TA in Room 116. TA's are available approx. 10:30 am to 9:30 pm every day. (Check schedule posted.) For any further help ask a TA. Computers are available for use in Room 121. Printers are in Room 116.
2. Let the Faculty of Architecture office know your email account as soon as it is set up so that you can be added to the email distribution list. (Send an email to
Yvonne Halden, Graduate Student Advisor.
3. E-mail and the City Planning web site are central parts of the school's communications system, in addition to bulletin boards in the Faculty office and in the City Planning Studio area (3rd floor J.A. Russell Bldg.)
Details on new developments and services will be available during Orientation week.

J.A. Russell and Arch II buildings are wired to support WIFI connection and provide for wire connections (a limited no.) in most areas including C.P. Studio Space.

Planning Studio Space:
The C.P. Studio space is located in the 3rd (upper) floor of the Russell building (the northeast quadrant). Access is by stair and freight elevator. You will be assigned a deskspace and locker. Supply your own lock, must be removed over summer. There is a fridge, microwave and sink for your use in the area. There is a student lounge on the same floor.

Keep Informed:
1. All students are assigned mail boxes in the C.P. Studio (J.A.R.). Whenever possible, students' mail will be sent there. In addition there are general student mail pick up trays for each department located in the main office. Mail will not be forwarded to home or forwarding addresses.
2. All students are expected to learn and use UofM's e-mail message system and the UofM JUMP site. This system is used to send urgent messages, to indicate when visitors will be on campus for consultation, to communicate information relating to courses and to advertise activities and events, etc. Students are advised to log on to their e-mail at least twice weekly, otherwise important notices could be missed. New students will receive instructions to set up their e-mail accounts during the orientation session.
3. There are general information bulletin boards in the space, and throughout JAR. Job postings are located on the bulletin board in the Main Office, 201 J.A.R.
4. Photocopiers are available in J.A.Russel and Arch II.

Orientation: Students accepted to the program will be contacted by email and the updated schedule will appear here.) A more detailed mailing will go out early August . Attendance at Orientation is mandatory. Orientation usually ends with a BBQ for students, faculty and guests the Friday evening in the JA Russell Courtyard. You are welcome to bring a guest.

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