University of Manitoba - Faculty of Agricultural & Food Sciences - Coop program - Fact Sheet for Employers
Coop program - Fact Sheet for Employers

Structure and registration in coop program

  • The coop option for the diploma program consists of one work term
  • The coop option for the degree program includes up to 3 work terms; students can choose to do 1, 2 or the 3 work terms
  • Students register in the coop program after accepting a job offer

Work terms

  • 4-month long for degree students and 5-month long for diploma students, somewhat flexible
  • Are carried out in the fall, winter and summer continuously (back-to-back) or not
  • Are paid by employer at standard rates

Benefits of Coop program

The Coordinator 

  • Facilitates recruitment and provides support to employers in the hiring process by advertising vacancies, promoting the organization, identifying candidates, coordinating recruitment events, etc.
  • Provides keen students interested in gaining more out of their work experience
  • Monitors progress of coop term and advices as required
  • Provides information on hiring incentives: e.g., Government of Manitoba tax credits, i.e.,  Co-op Education & Apprenticeship Tax Credits Program for work terms held mostly in Manitoba, other

Coop students
Are capable of independent work and can:

  • Contribute to the organization’s activities/programs
  • Start new activities
  • Train staff in new skills needed, e.g., new techniques, software, etc.
  • Compile/summarize/analyze information

How to get involved in Coop and job placement program
• Contact