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Cooperative Education Program and Experiential Learning

Cooperative Studies

Cooperative Education is a way of learning and developing the skills and the network needed to obtain employment after graduation.  It adds to the knowledge gained through university courses by integrating real-world work situations in the student’s academic program. Thus, it is a tool for students to obtain practical experience, define their career goals and increase their knowledge base.  In addition, because coop positions are paid, they can help to finance their education. Coop Work Terms also contribute to developing links with the industry as students contribute their fresh knowledge while the industry provides valuable feedback to our Faculty.

The Cooperative Education Option in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences is open to students in all educational programs. These are: agronomy/crops, agribusiness, livestock, entomology, soils/agroecology and food sciences. Placements are in a wide variety of settings such as business and economics, education, media, manufacturing/processing, research, health, food and feed, government, the farming profession and others. Therefore, the coop program is suitable to all sectors of the agricultural and food industry.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is another way of learning. It involves engaging students and organizations in flexible work placements where both benefit. The company advances work goals with minimum resources and impact on regular staff. The students contribute to the company by providing fresh ideas and knowledge and promoting the company by word of mouth. In doing so, they gain hands-on experience, knowledge about the company and industry, and build a network and obtain work references.

Experiential learning encompasses a wide range of placements, each one being specific to the interests of the employer and student. Placements are flexible in terms of length of time and committment, i.e., part-time or full-time. Payment depends on the time commitment that is required and the student's overall goals. For more information, please, contact