Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Does The Rise of China Mean the Decline of the West?

Featured Speakers' Bios

Tina Chen

Tina Chen is an associate professor of history, specializing in modern Chinese history and world history. Her research examines understandings of the Chinese State and membership within it. She is particularly interested in the geopolitical reference points used by people, states, and institutions within and outside China to make sense of the Chinese past, present and future. Her publications consider these issues through a range of topics, including: the politics of film exchange between the Soviet Union and China in the 1950s and 1960s; China's relationship to the "Third World"; and international norms around repatriation and ethnicity that emerged after World War II in relation to Chinese residents of Burma and thei wartime migration. She is also an active colunteer in Winnipeg's Chinese community and recipient of the 2012 YWCA-YMCA Woman of Distinction Award (Culture).

George MacLean

Dr. George A. MacLean is Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of Manitoba.  He is also Professor of Political Studies at the University of Manitoba, Adjunct Professor at the Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice, and Research Fellow with the Centre for Defence and Security Studies. His research interests include Canadian foreign policy, human security, non-proliferation initiatives, and multilateralism.  He is the author or co-author of several books including Politics: An Introduction (2013, 2e, and 2010, 1e), Ideas, Interests, and Issues, (2008, 2e and 2006, 1e), Clinton’s Foreign Policy in Russia (2006), Canada and the United States: A Relationship at a Crossroads? (2005), Introduction to Politics: Power, Participation, and the Distribution of Wealth (2001), and Between Actor and Presence: The Future for the Transatlantic Relationship (2001).

Hari Bapuji

Dr. Hari Bapuji is an Associate Professor in the Asper School of Business. Dr. Bapuji researches organizational problems that have an effect on society and vice versa. Particularly, he focuses on how companies can prevent, manage and learn from crises that affect both organizations and societies. Dr. Bapuji has published numerous scholarly articles that have appeared in leading management journals, including Harvard Business Review, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Management Studies, and Management and Organization Review. In addition, he has published a book “Not Just China: The Rise of Recalls in the Age of Global Business,” which has been recognized as an outstanding academic title by CHOICE Magazine. Dr. Bapuji’s research on product recalls has been instrumental in shaping public discourse on China’s role in global product safety and has been widely cited by hundreds of print and electronic media outlets, including New York Times, Huffington Post, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, China Daily, Sydney Morning Herald, CBC,  and Globe and Mail.

Colin Robertson (Alumnus)

Winnipeg-born Clin Robertson is a graduate of the University of Manitoba (1976 B.A. Honours (First Clas Honours). A former Canadian diplomat, he is a Senior Strategic Advisor for McKenna, Long and Aldridge LLP living in Ottawa, Canada and working with the Canadian Council of Chief Executives. He is Vice President and Senior Research Fellow at the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University. He is vice chair of the board of Canada World Youth. He is a member of the board of the Conference of Defence Associations Institute and immediate past president of the National Capital Branch of the Canadian International Council He is an Honorary Captain (Royal Canadan Navy) assigned to the Strategic Communications Directorate.

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