What does an accessible Manitoba look like?

New accessibility laws take effect in December – is Manitoba ready?

Thursday, December 8, 2016

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Greg Juliano, Associate Vice-President (Human Resources), LLB/98
Greg has been the Associate Vice-President (Human Resources) for The University of Manitoba since 2014, having previously served as the institution’s General Counsel.  He leads a unit which is responsible for the full spectrum of employment related matters, including staff and faculty relations, compensation and benefits programs, pension administration, recruitment and management of staff, employee development, and organizational development.  The University has approximately 9,000 faculty and staff, organized into six certified bargaining units and numerous non-certified employee groups.
Greg holds a bachelor degree from the University of Toronto, and a law degree from The University of Manitoba.


Yutta Fricke, Executive Director of the Manitoba Disabilities Issues Office
Yutta Fricke is the Executive Director of Manitoba’s Disabilities Issues Office (DIO), where she has worked since 2003.  Prior to joining the Government of Manitoba, Yutta worked with a number of local, national and international organizations, including Disabled Peoples International from 1988-99.  Yutta earned a B.A at the University of Winnipeg, a Graduate Diploma, at the Institute for International Development and Cooperation, and a Masters in Education at the University of Ottawa.
Richard Milgrom, Department Head, Faculty of Architecture, BES/80
Richard Milgrom is the Head of the Department of City Planning and Associate Dean Research in the Faculty of Architecture. He is a professional planner with a professional and academic background in architecture and Urban Design.  His research is concerned with the social impact of urban form, and in recent years this has focused on exploring how neighbourhoods and towns can be planned and designed to be more age-friendly.  His research leave last year in Edinburgh expanded these concerns to include consideration for people living with dementia and their care-givers.
Richard believes that planning and design should be activist professions that advocate to improve the lives of all communities. He is a long standing member of Planners Network and the International Network for Urban Research and Action, organizations that promote planning for social and environmental justice.

Michelle Porter, Director, Centre on Aging
Michelle Porter is Director of the Centre on Aging, as well as a Professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management, at the University of Manitoba.  She received her PhD in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario.  Her research broadly falls within the area of mobility and aging - more specifically she has studied exercise and aging, as well as older drivers.  She has been and continues to be engaged in several boards, locally, provincially and nationally that deal with older persons’ issues, including accessibility.  Currently she is heading up a group at the University of Manitoba that is engaged in the Age-Friendly University initiative.  The University of Manitoba became the first Age-Friendly University in Canada, in May 2016.

Tanis Woodland, Disability Studies, BA/92
Tanis WoodlandTanis Woodland Is the office assistant for the Interdisciplinary Master’s program in Disability Studies at the University of Manitoba.  Between 1998 and 2003 she was both an office assistant and access consultant specialising in spatial requirements and accommodations for persons with visual disabilities for the Universal Design Institute located at the University of Manitoba.  Tanis works with many organization concerning persons who are visually impaired access to web sites and documentation taking into consideration both access and usability of documents. She has also recently obtained her Comptea A+ and Apple Support Professional certifications.