"Our mandate is to develop and further the University's relationships with the three levels of government and to promote to governments and the community the University's perspectives, positions and priorities."


The Government and Community Engagement Office (GCE) at the University of Manitoba reports directly to the Director of Government and Community Engagement, and works with the President, other Vice-Presidents and senior members of the administration.  The Office serves as the University’s prime liaison with the three levels of government. Currently, the GCE office is staffed by five people: the Director, two Government Relations Associates, a Community Engagement Associate and an Assistant to the Director. 

The GCE's primary activities can be divided into two categories, those in support of internal stakeholders and those aimed at external stakeholders.

Internal stakeholder support:

  • Providing strategic advice on interaction with government to senior administration, including assisting with the development of proposals to government and related agencies.
  • Developing and maintaining a positive working relationship and network of contacts within the government, opposition and civil service at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.
  • Identifying opportunities for the University to participate in and influence the development of public policy, government initiatives and programs in areas central to its mandate.
  • Ensuring the University is aware of government initiatives and programs in areas central to the University's mandate.

External stakeholder support:
  • Keeping stakeholders within all levels of government informed about the University's activities, achievements, needs, concerns and proposals.
  • Coordinating and organizing meetings for senior University administration with elected officials and civil servants in both Manitoba and Ottawa.
  • Identifying non-traditional sources of government funding for University initiatives.
  • Coordinating visits to campus by elected officials and government representatives.
  • Liaison with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada on national legislation and policy issues related to the University's mandate.