Government of Manitoba

The Legislative Assembly

Members of the Legislative Assembly

Premier of Manitoba

Provincial Cabinet

Lieutenant Governor

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Provincial Departments

Aboriginal & Northern Affairs
Advanced Education & Literacy
Agriculture, Food & Rural Initiatives
Canada-Manitoba Infrastructure Programs
Civil Service Commission
Children and Youth Opportunities
Conservation and Water Stewardship
Culture, Heritage & Tourism
Education and Advanced Learning
Entrepreneurship, Training & Trade
Family Services
Healthy Living and Seniors
Housing & Community Development
Immigration and Multiculturalism
Infrastructure & Transportation
Jobs and the Economy

Innovation, Energy & Mines
Labour and Immigration
Mineral Resources
Multiculturalism and Literacy
Municipal Government
Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection

Additional Provincial Government Links

Council on Post-Secondary Education
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Provincial Political Party Links

Green Party of Manitoba
Manitoba Liberal Party
New Democratic Party of Manitoba
Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada
Bloc Quebecois
Canadian Action Party
Christian Heritage Party of Canada
Communist Party of Canada
Conservative Party of Canada
First Peoples National Party of Canada
Green Party of Canada
Liberal Party of Canada
Liberal Party of Canada - Manitoba
Libertarian Party of Canada
Marijuana Party
Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada
New Democratic Party of Canada
Progressive Canadian Party
Western Block Party