Smartpark Success Stories

Smartpark clients who graduated from the park

In 2004 IMRIS moved to 9,000 square feet at Smartpark from early stage development at the NRC incubation facilities downtown Winnipeg to commercialize its Innovative Magnetic Resonance Imagining System – a fully integrated image guided therapy environment that delivers timely information to clinicians for use during surgical or interventional procedures “move the scanner not the patient”. In 2006 graduated from Smartpark to 70,000 square feet at Sony Place in Winnipeg. IMRIS is a global company with locations in Canada, USA, Europe, China and Japan.

Apptius Computers
In 2002 Apptius moved to a small office at Smartpark’s Incubator. There Apptius commercialized its IT consulting services and work flow products to private and public organizations. In 2007 Apptius graduated to 2,500 square feet of commercial premises at Smartpark as the first business incubation success story from Smartpark’s incubator.

In 2003 IDERS moved to 12,000 square feet at Smartpark to further commercialize the turnkey design and produce secure wholly novel electronic payment transaction systems for CIBC, Canada’s largest chartered bank. These systems set the standard for secure mag stripe and smartcard terminals and pinpads deployed across North America. In 2008 IDERS tuned the design and process before transitioning the design to a contract EMS provider with systems in operation in over 80 countries worldwide. IDERS is located in 18,000 square feet at Oakbank Manitoba employing 60 staff.

Composites Innovation Centre
In 2004 Composites Innovation Centre moved to 1,000 square feet at Smartpark from early stage incubation at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba to commercialize its research, development and application of composite materials and technologies for manufacturing industries. CIC is a not-for-profit corporation that is jointly sponsored by private industry and government to support and stimulate economic growth. In 2005 CIC expanded operations at Smartpark to 5,000 square feet, and in 2011 moved to 20,000 square feet at Commerce Place in Winnipeg focusing on key sectors: aerospace, bio-materials, ground transportation, and civil infrastructure.
In 2005 BASF moved to 3,500 square feet at Smartpark. BASF Canada is dedicated to helping customers be more successful by providing intelligent system solutions and high-quality products. BASF Canada’s portfolio includes agricultural and nutrition products, chemicals, plastics, performance products, and fine chemicals. BASF moved to Lorimer Blvd in Winnipeg in 2012.