Smartpark Advisory Committee

From left to right - Andrew Konowalchuk, Brian Eckhart, Digvir Jayas, Douglas McCartney, Karin Wittenberg, Jonathan Beddoes, Michael Benarroch, Larry Paskaruk
Missing – Stefi Baum, Brian Postl, Chris Sinclair, Don Boitson, Jay Doering

Purpose and Terms of Reference of the Advisory Committee:

  1. To oversee and advise on promotion of networking and research collaborations between the Smartpark and University communities.
  2. To provide feedback on opportunities and initiatives for the growth of the park and development of new space in the specified sectors.
  3. To be a forum for the exchange of information contributing to the success of the research park vision.


  • Dr. Digvir Jayas – Vice-President (Research and International), Chair
  • Dr. Karin Wittenberg – Dean, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
  • Dr. Jonathan Beddoes – Dean, Faculty of Engineering
  • Dr. Gady Jacoby – Dean, I. H. Asper School of Business
  • Dr. Stefi Baum – Dean, Faculty of Science
  • Dr. Brian Postl – Dean and Vice-Provost, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Mr. Trevor Cornell – Chief Operating Officer, Industrial Technology Centre
  • Mr. Don Boitson – Magellan Aerospace
  • Mr. Brian Eckhart – InfoMagnetics Technologies Corporation
  • Mr. Douglas McCartney – President and Chief Executive Officer, Composites Innovation Centre
  • Ms. Teresa Jones-Dukes - Senior Advisor Strategic Innovation, Deputy Minister Education and Training
  • Mr. Andrew Konowalchuk – Associate Vice-President (Administration)
  • Dr. Jay Doering – Associate Vice-President (Partnerships)
  • Mr. Larry Paskaruk – Smartpark Director