Bayer Crop Science Pollinator Habitat
Spring 2018 - Smartpark & Bayer Crop Science Inc. Canada

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As Bayer Crop Science is dedicated to nourishing the world not only for today, but for generations to come, all sites were challenged to create a pollinator habitat. The Canadian headquarters, located in the Smart Park at University of Manitoba, partnered with Smart Park to create a pollinator habitat this June. Larry Paskaruk, of University of Manitoba, was a key partner in this initiative and created the site into which we planted.  The habitat was officially opened during National Pollinator Week (June 18-24).

The habitat was planted to include both annual and perennial plants, with a wide assortment of heights, colours, and flowering times, to allow pollinators to have access to nectar over many months. Where possible, native and adapted plants of the same species were planted, so people could see the changes that have occurred through plant breeding. Over 25 different species of native plants are in the habitat, most sourced from Prairie Flora in Teulon. Staff eagerly volunteer to work in the habitat as everyone is excited to see it flourish. We are looking forward to growing this initiative next year and have a number of events planned to encourage people to establish and maintain pollinator habitats.