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According to Safe Work Manitoba, new workers have 5 to 7 times the risk of injury in the first 4 weeks of a new job. In April of 2014 the Province of Manitoba amended the Workplace Safety and Health Regulation to include a requirement that all new workers receive a safety and health orientation. “New workers” are individuals new to the University but also include workers moving to another area within the University that has different processes and hazards. The amended Regulation includes a requirement that a record must be kept of all new worker orientations. A copy of Part 2.2.1 of the Regulation concerning new worker orientation is attached (Appendix).

The Regulation is prescriptive on the content of new worker orientation. The mandatory elements of the training include items that apply to all workers on campus, e.g. the right to refuse, and also include workplace-specific items, e.g. safety committee contacts.

EHSO has developed an online new worker orientation module that covers the orientation elements that apply to all new workers. The online module includes a test and will be tracked centrally. EHSO will work with Human Resources to track new employees. This general orientation should take less than 45 minutes to complete, including the online test. The presentation and resource materials can be found at http://umanitoba.ca/admin/vp_admin/risk_management/ehso/training/NewWorker.html

EHSO has a list of all permanent, full-time positions filled since the requirement came into effect and will be notifying the supervisors of these staff that the orientation must be completed.  Individual supervisors will be notified when the general orientation has been completed.

Table 1, attached, summarizes the Province’s required content for the orientation of new workers. The table indicates what content is included in the EHSO general orientation session and the content that would be required for the workplace-specific safety orientation of a new worker.  The required content of the workplace-specific orientation will vary depending on the hazards that a new worker could be exposed to as part of their job duties. At minimum the workplace orientation will cover 4 items. Faculties and units may add additional content to the orientation if needed.

A record must be kept that the workplace-specific orientation took place and should indicate what items were discussed. The workplace-specific orientation should either be performed by the direct supervisor of the new worker or a faculty/unit safety resource where available. Find attached a template that can be used to record the training that satisfies Provincial requirements. The completed workplace-specific orientation record should be kept in the faculty or unit where the training took place.

This information is also posted on the same webpage as the general orientation at the link listed above.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact EHSO at 474-6633 or at EHSO@umanitoba.ca.