Radiation Emitting Devices/ X-ray Equipment Safety

Updated June 25, 2018

X-ray Equipment / Radiation Emitting Device (RED) means an operable device which the principal purpose and function of the device is the production of X-rays (electromagnetic radiation of a wave length shorter than 0.25 nanometers).  The University of Manitoba X-ray Committee is a sub committee of the University Of Manitoba Radiation Protection Committee (terms of reference). 

Link to related UM Governance documents

All X-ray equipment in Manitoba must be registered with Radiation Protection Services, Cancer Care Manitoba before it can be operated.  If  X-ray Equipment to be used or stored in locations controlled by the University, please use this version and send to EHS.

All X-ray Equipment used at the University must have and X-ray Area / Room Warning sign  (EHS X-ray Warning templates:  see 1 below):  Each entrance to a room where an X-ray Equipment is used must have an X-ray area/ room warning sign in addition to any Workplace Hazard Information Placard WHIP sign.  To get your individualized X-ray Warning sign (free of charge):

  1. Fill in the contact details for your X-ray room using the X-ray Area/Room Warning sign template (Word doc)
  2. Email the form to EHS together with the location and number of door/entrances to the X-ray room to radsafety@umanitoba.ca.
  3. EHS will print (in color) laminate and post on each door to any University location where a X-ray is used.

At the University, X-ray Equipment is controlled in different ways depending on what the equipment is used for:

To Decommission an Internal X-ray Permit - Use the Decommission Internal X-ray Permit form.

To Dispose of X-ray Equipment  - EHS and Radiation Protection, Cancer Care Manitoba MUST be informed to keep inventories up to date.  Before you dispose or transfer/sell any type of X-ray equipment read this and complete a Decommissioning of Laboratory Equipment Form.   As well, you must follow the University requirements for disposing of Captal Assets (Link to Capital Asset Management).