Laser Safety Program

Updated June 14, 2018

Lasers are used throughout the University community in research and teaching.   Since the use of this technology constitutes a potential hazard to health, the possession and use of lasers is governed in the workplace by Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health.  Effective February 1, 2007, the University of Manitoba has the duty to inform anyone that may be exposed to radiation from lasers at the University of the potential hazards (MB 217/2006 Workplace Safety and Health Regulation Section18.4).   Additionally, lasers must be installed, used and maintained in accordance with ANSI Z136.1-2007 American National Standard for the safe use of Lasers (Section 16.28).  High- powered lasers (Class 3B or Class 4) may be hazardous under direct or reflected viewing and may cause eye injury, skin damage or fire conditions.  Careful attention to heed warning signs on doors and asking questions of the laser operators will reduce the risk.

(ANSI Z136.1-2007 is available by contacting EHS - 204 789-3613)

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) maintains a registry of all Class 3B and Class 4 lasers in areas under the control of the University.  

University of Manitoba Laser Safety Resources:

Other Laser Safety Sample SOPs:

For more information, contact Radiation Safety Officer at 204-789-3613 or Radiation Safety Specialist at 204-789-3654, or email


Radiation Safety Homepage

PLEASE POST in department seminar or meeting rooms (wherever a laser pointer may be used):  Laser Pointer Hazard Alert (pdf)

PLEASE POST in all Laser Facilities with open beam Class 3B or Class 4 Lasers: Laser Emergency Response - Treatment Protocol (pdf) 

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Laser Pointer Pamphlet (UofM, pdf)

Laser Pamphlet (UofM, pdf)

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