Oxygen Deficient Atmosphere Alarms

Description of the hazard:

Oxygen deficient atmospheres are extremely hazardous and can incapacitate a person instantly.  Atmospheres can be made deficient by either consumption of available oxygen or displacement of the breathable air by a simple asphyxiants such as nitrogen, helium or carbon dioxide.    Many asphyxiants are colorless, odorless, and may be heavier than air, therefore they give no indication of danger.

REGISTRATION OF ALARMS:  Several areas at The University of Manitoba are monitored by Oxygen Deficiency Alarms.  Locations with oxygen deficiency alarms should be registered with the Environmental Health and Safety Office so they can be incorporated into the oxygen deficiency alarm response procedure which is implemented jointly by the EHSO, Security Services and Physical Plant.  

Oxygen Deficiency Alarm Registration Form - print, complete and mail to:

Oxygen Deficiency Alarm Registrations

Environmental Health and Safety Office

T248 Basic Science Building