Respiratory Protection Program


The main purpose of the respirator is to prevent the user from inhaling harmful particles/fumes from hazardous chemicals or products in the workplace.

A respirator is to be used as personal protective equipment (PPE), therefore, prior to requesting a respirator fit test, a hazard assessment should be conducted to determine: workplace conditions, hazardous materials used and potential exposure. The hazard assessment should be jointly carried out between the worker and supervisor. 

The Respirator Protection Program at the University of Manitoba is designed to meet the intent of CSA Standard Z94.4-11- Selection, use, and care of respirators. This consists of assessing the respiratory protective needs of both staff and students, also to provide training in the proper use, care and maintenance of the respirator selected and fit tested.  

Medical Questionnaire

Once a respirator is deemed necessary for the required work, a Respirator User Screening Form is to be filled out and submitted for approval by a Health Care Specialist. The Medical Questionnaire will provide information such as the conditions in which the respirator will be used and also vital user health information which may reveal medical conditions or user accountability.  Please send the completed form to: 

Environmental Health and Safety, 191 Extended Education Complex - Attention:  Occupational Health Coordinator - Judy Shields - Respirator Screening

If you have any questions about the medical questionnaire please contact Judy Shields at or 204-474-6438.

Once the Respirator User Screening form has been submitted, reviewed and approved, EHS will then schedule a fit test appointment.  Please click on the link for Fit Testing Information and how to be ready for your fit testing appointment.

To schedule a fit testing/training session please contact Fred Reyes at or 204-474-7970 or Joey Bellino at or 204-474-6970.