WHIP - Workplace Hazard Information Placard

Updated September 25, 2015

The Workplace Hazard Information Placard (WHIP) identifies hazardous materials in the room and emergency contact persons knowledgeable of the hazards in the room.

To receive a new placard or an amended placard, fill out the application form - in Adobe PDF or Word Document.

WHIP Application Form - Fillable PDF (If it doesn't display properly, download a copy onto your computer and open it in Adobe Acrobat)

WHIP Application Form - Word Document

On the WHIP, the various chemical hazards are represented with the DANGER symbol. A hard copy inventory of hazardous materials located in the placarded room must be available to emergency responders. In the event of an after- hours emergency, Security Services will could retrieve the hard copy inventory from the location indicated on the WHIP. Generally, the hard copy inventory should be located in your local Department General Office in a manner that is accessible and visible to Security Services.

•    The chemical inventory should indicate the name of the chemical and maximum volume or mass. Be sure to include gas cylinders (liquid and gas) and cryogenic material. The chemical inventory could be printed off the EHSA database.
•    If the room is permitted for radioisotopes, a copy of the current permit(s) should be placed with the chemical inventory.

When hazardous materials will no longer be used in the room, the room must be decommissioned and the procedure, guidance and forms are on the web: http://umanitoba.ca/admin/vp_admin/risk_management/ehso/bio_safety/Decomm.html