Chemical Safety Program Overview

Environmental Health and Safety administers the University of Manitoba’s chemical safety program. The program provides information on the recognition, evaluation, and control of chemicals or hazardous products, in addition to guidance for the safe handling, storage, and use of these materials.
The program also provides guidance in the safe procurement and maintenance of chemicals or hazardous products in accordance with the following acts:

• Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulations (Part 35)
• Hazardous Products Act
• Canadian Environmental Protection Act
• Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act
• Prohibition of Certain Toxic Substances Regulations, 2012
• Controlled Substances Storage
• Explosives Act
• Duty-Free Alcohol (Excise Act)
• Chemical Weapons Convention

Chemical Safety Committee (CSC)
• The CSC is comprised of members from the University community and stakeholders knowledgeable in the safe use and handling of chemicals
• The CSC acts as a technical advisory committee that supports the development of a chemical safety program at the University (U of M Chemical Safety Policy & Procedure - currently under review)

Chemical Safety Guidelines
• A minimum standard which shall be practiced in labs and other areas where chemical or WHMIS hazardous products are stored, handled or used in U of M facilities
• As an accepted practice, the Chemical Safety Guideline will provide chemical users a clear and concise document to ensure that chemicals or (WHMIS) hazardous products  are being handled, stored and disposed in a consistent and safe manner

Chemical Safety Permits (CSP) (currently under development)
• Permits register the Principal Investigator’s lab spaces under their responsibility.
• It provides a mechanism for the researcher to document a risk assessment and determine threshold volumes of chemicals or WHMIS Hazardous Products used in their space.
• Information obtained through the CSP is used to populate a Workplace Hazardous Information Placard (lab signage) and posted.

• The U of M Chemical Safety Program provides WHMIS Training for staff and students storing, handling and using hazardous products. The power point presentation, quiz and instructions for submitting are all available on the WHMIS program training webpage
• The U of M Chemical Safety Program provides Transportation of Dangerous Goods training to all staff shipping or receiving dangerous goods by air or ground. Training dates are scheduled several times a year. More information can be found on our Transportation of Dangerous Goods webpage.
• Principal Investigators or Responsible Lab users are responsible for all onsite specific training in the lab. Use the Laboratory Safety for New Personnel Checklist to assist in site-specific training.

EHS Chemical Safety Program Contacts  Office   Cell 
Joey Bellino Occupational Hygiene Coordinator   (204)474-6970   (204)794-4987  
Fred Reyes Occupational Hygiene Technologist (204)474-7970   (204)470-6691 
Terry Neufeld  Administrative Support (204) 474-6633