Chemical Regulatory Information

Chemicals can have varying properties that can directly impact their purchase, usage, storage, and disposal in Canada. Listed below are acts and regulations that affect chemicals commonly used for research purposes.

Prohibition of Certain Toxic Substances Regulations, 2012 

Prohibition of Certain Toxic Substances - 2017 Lab Fact Sheet and List of 27 Toxic Substances 

Prohibition of Certain Toxic Substances - 2017 Lab Reporting Form 

Controlled Substances Storage - Storage requirements for substances under the Controlled Substances Act

Controlled Substances Application - Application form to use controlled substances for scientific research

Explosives Act - List of restricted compounds and purchasing information

Duty-Free Alcohol (Excise Act) - Licensing, usage, and storage information

Chemical Weapons Convention - Information on chemical weapons, schedule updates, and declaration processes

If you have any chemicals listed under the Chemical Weapons Convention, please contact EHS for declaration information.