Quick Instructions for Biosafety Permit Submissions

Initial Applications/Amendments

  1. Log-on to the EHSA database with your PI edit-cabable User ID and password.
  2. Under the Questionniare heading select the U of M Biosafety Permit Application link.  
  3. On the resulting screen, place your mouse over the 'Create New U of M Biosafety Permit Application' link found on the top brown bar. This will show you a drop-down list with three choices.
    1. To apply for a new permit: Select 'Add U of M Biosafety Permit Application'
    2. To make changes to your biosafety permit: Select the 'Amend or Change an Existing U of M Biosafety Permit Application' option. DO NOT use the  tab.  Click here to see a screen shot of the correct options. 
  4. On the first screen/section of the amendment application, enter a brief description of the amendments you are making. For example: added two new personnel, or deleted and added lab/rooms. Select Save & Continue
  5. In Section 2. Principal Investigator  and Alternate Contact Info, please ensure the information in the PI Emergency/After Hours Contact Phone Number is correct. 
  6. Go through the sections by selecting 'Save and Continue' until you have completed all your required edits. The left-hand menu will display a green check mark if all required fields have been filled in properly. A red number will appear by the section if not all the field have been addressed.   
  7. If you have not submitted an amendment in a while, review your complete application information, including what is in your Bioagent Inventory to ensure that it is up-to-date.  
  8. At the last section, you can submit your amendment by selecting the Submit for Approval link.  You can review your revised application by opening the Reports link.  
    1. Initial applications: Click the Reports link to generate a PDF of your submission. The last page will need to be signed by the PI, the dept head and the dept WHMIS coordinator. This page can be returned via email (biosafety.program@umanitoba.ca) or by internal mail (P310 Pathology).
    2. Amendments: Do not require a hard-copy with signatures except if you have added new rooms which are not located in departments/units listed in your most recent renewal/amendment.

The permit renewal cycle is five years. All current Biosafety Permits will expire in 2016-2017.  Permits holders will receive prior reminders of their permit expiry dates.


  1. Follow Steps 1-3 as detailed above under 'Amendments'. 
  2. Under the 2nd question 'What is the purpose of this application?' Select 'Termination". Note: For terminations there is no further access to the additional sections of the questionnaire. If you choose the option to 'Save and Continue' the headings and red erlenmeyer flasks on the left of the form disappear. 
  3. In the Modification Summary box: 
    1. indicate the effective date of the permit termination 
    2. Save the section
    3. Submit the application for approval.
  4. Complete and sign the Permit Declaration of Decomissioning statement and mail it to the BSO: Steven Cole, P310 Pathology Bldg., Bannatyne Campus

As per the Declaration, ensure that you have: 

  • Destroyed or transferred your bioagent inventory to another PI/permit holder. 
  • Marked all inventory items in the EHSA database as disposed
  • Cleaned and disinfected all equipment, areas and facilities used in the course of the work using a disinfectant which is effective against the biological agents used in your work and according to the U of M decommissioning procedure
  • Removed or fully defaced any biological hazard warning symbols, signs or stickers at the time of decommissioning.

If you are transferring inventory please contact the BSO first.