All bioagent use labs are subject to inspection by the  Biological Safety Officer or their designate.  CL2-Regulated and CL3 spaces will be the subject of Federal Regulatory Compliance Inspections by PHAC. An inspection program must be in place to verify that biosecurity and biosafety program imperatives are being met. Documented records of regular lab safety inspection must be maintained and provided to inspectors on request.  It is expected that by establishing and monitoring labs based on containment zones that these program elements can be achieved in a sustainable manner.

2019 Lab Postings Package

Inspections/audits will include:

  1. Principal Investigator Self-Inspection: This inspection is to be performed every 6 months-1 year by the PI or designate and documentation is to be maintained in the lab.   A biosafety lab Self-Inspection checklist can be found here
  2. EHS Inspection: Our biosafety program will use a similar checklist to ensure labs are in compliance with federal expectations. 

            **new Sept 2019**Request an inspection from EHS. A member of the Biosafety Program will contact you to make confirm the inspection before we visit your lab.

  1. PHAC Inspection: The Public Health Agency of Canada will inspect laboratories at the University of Manitoba as part of our license conditions within the 5 year term of the license.  Our first inspection will be between 2016 and 2021.