Biosafety Project Approval Certificates (BPACs)

A BPAC documents the PI's project based risk assessment as described in the U of M Administrative Oversight Plan which is a component of HPTA licensure.  It is required for the release of Grant and Contract funds for U of M researchers whose project involves work with Risk Group 1-3 biological agents.

USE THE BPAC Checklist to assist you in filling out you BPAC form!

Internal BPAC's

An internal BPAC is submitted for Internal Applicants: New projects in UofM-owned Buildings including RIOH and KIAM.  They are reviewed monthly at the Biosafety Advisory Committee. Submissions are due by end of day (4:30pm CST) on the first Thursday of each month except where noted. See below for deadlines and meeting schedule.

  1. You must first hold a current U of M Biosafety Permit # before submitting your BPAC form for review and approval. Any biological agents and project locations that you will be providing on your form, should match the information you have listed in your Biosafety Permit. If you need to update your permit information, refer to the Quick Tips for Submission page.
  2. The BPAC application asks you to attach a Biosafety Permit Overview. This is different than the official Biosafety Permit that must be posted in your lab. On your web EHSA database access, go to the BIO heading. Find and click on the Biosafety Permit link. In the table find and click on View. Open the file and save/print your Permit Overview and submit along with your BPAC application.
  3. Internal BPAC Form (Fillable PDF - save copy to computer and open in Adobe Acrobat or Word version)

Note: The required departmental signatures refer to the Department/Unit where the work will be done.

 Internal BPAC Amendments

  • A BPAC must be amended within 30 days when changes are made to the scope of work, agents in use, procedures or locations provided in an approved BPAC.  These amendments are reviewed monthly by the committee.
  • When additional grant funds are to be applied to an existing approved BPAC Amendments will be processed on a weekly basis by the committee chair and the biological safety officer.  However, the grant identified in the original BPAC must be active and there cannot be any changes to the scope, procedures or agents in use.
    Internal BPAC Amendment Form - (Fillable PDF - save copy to computer and open in Adobe Acrobat or Word version)

External BPACs
An external BPAC is used for projects where the U of M Office of Research Services is releasing grant funds for a project conducted in facilities outside the U of M's  property and is reviewed weekly by the BSO and Chair.  This will be a project which includes Risk Group 1-4 biological agents.  An external BPAC application must have the following:

  1. Form for New Projects in Non-U of M-Owned Buildings (Word version)
  2. Letter of endorsement written and signed by the facility Biological Safety Officer.  This letter must state that the facility in question has an effective biosafety program in place which meets the regulatory requirements of for the jurisdiction in which the facility is located.  It must also state that the applicant is included in the program, provide their permit number (or equivalent) and is in good standing.  If there are any conditions or variations to the endorsement they must also be stated. The letter must also include the project title, room number and buildings where the project will be carried out as well as the Risk Group and Containment Level for the project.

How to submit: 
Internal and External BPAC applications can be submitted in hard copy to the address below. 

Biological Safety Advisory Committee (BSAC)
C/O Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
P310 Pathology Bldg, Bannatyne Campus

An electronic copy complete with signatures can be e-mailed with the subject " PI surname - BPAC application" to our office.

If you have an urgent requirement for provisional approval before the next scheduled meeting, please email Steve Cole and Dr. Dan Gietz with your completed application and justification for the request. The application will still be reviewed in full at the next BSAC meeting. Note: This is rarely given.  

Submissions are due by end of day (4:30pm CST) on the first Thursday of each month except where noted*.

BPAC Deadline

BSAC Meeting

Thurs, Nov 30/17*

Thurs, Dec 14/17*

Thurs, Jan 4/18 

Thurs, Jan 18/18 

Thurs, Feb 1/18

Thurs, Feb 15/18

Thurs, Mar 1/18 

Thurs, Mar 18/18

Thurs, Apr 5/18 

Thurs, Apr 19/18

Thurs, May 3/18

Thurs, May 17/18

Thurs, June 7/18

Thurs, June 21/18

Thurs, July 5/18

Thurs, July 19/18

Thurs, Aug 2/18

Thurs, Aug 16/18

Thurs, Sept 6/18  

Thurs, Sept 20/18

Thurs, Oct 4/18

Thurs, Oct 18/18

Thurs, Nov 1/18

Thurs, Nov 15/18

Thurs, Nov 29/18 *

Thurs, Dec 13/18*