Insurance Coverage FAQs

FAQ – Insurance Coverage

As a University employee, what kind of insurance coverage do I have?

As a University employee, you are insured against claims for injury, loss or damage to other persons or to their property arising out of your University employment-related activities, except for willful misconduct or illegal activities.   You should note that in the event of a strike, if you choose to go on strike,  you do not have liability insurance coverage as striking employees who are not performing all of their job duties are not considered active employees.

Are volunteers covered?

Yes, the University’s insurance provides coverage for volunteers while they are performing authorized services on behalf of the University in the same manner and extent as for employees.

Is my personal property covered?

Generally speaking, the University’s coverage does not include your personal property; however, if the property is of a professional nature and is being used at the request of, or to the benefit of the University, and no other specific coverage applies, then the University may provide limited repair/replacement coverage for such “personal professional property”.

Can a personal vehicle be used to transport students and employees?

Yes, but when a personal vehicle is used to transport students, or employees, the insurance on that vehicle is by the law the primary coverage in the event of an accident.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to inform their insurer if using their own vehicle for business purposes.

Does the University’s auto insurance program respond to loss or damage involving a personal vehicle driven for University business?

No, the owner of the vehicle’s insurance responds to the loss or damage. 

What if I can’t find the answer to my question here?

Please contact Alan Scott at 204-272-1631.