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Accessibility Training (Customer Service) for all faculty and staff - to be completed by Nov. 1, 2017

Training and Resources

Accessibility Training (Customer Service) is now available and must be completed by all University of Manitoba employees by November 1, 2017, as required the Accessibility for Manitobans Act or AMA.

How do I get trained?

The easiest way to get trained is by watching the online videos, which take approximately 35 minutes to complete.
This training can be completed at one’s own pace, as the modules do not all have to be watched at once.
To begin your training, get your UMnet ID ready and go to: UMLearn Accessibility Training (Customer Service). This will take you to the UM Learn login page.
Detailed instructions on how to access the training are also available in the Accessibility Training (Customer Service) Self Registration Guide.  Download the guide: .docx format or .pdf format.

In-person training is also being offered through Learning and Organizational Development. Register Now:  Once you've followed the link, search and register for Accessibility Training (Customer Service).  Available 2017 dates are as follows: 

  • November 22              Fort Garry   
  • November 28              Bannatyne
  • December 20 (AM)    Bannatyne
  • December 20 (PM)    Fort Garry

 Finally, if you would like to request an in-person training session for your unit, please contact to arrange.


Documents and Tutorials

Color contrast checker:

Color blindness simulator:

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the Accessibility Training (Customer Service) Frequently Asked Questions page for more information and assistance.


The University of Manitoba Accessibility Policy
Student Accessibility Services
The Office of Human Rights and Conflict Management
Respectful Learning and Workplace Environment Policy (RLWE)
Employee and Family Assistance Program
Bona Fide Academic Requirements
UM Diversity & Inclusion Office
Accessibility Policy – UM Libraries
Accessible Customer Service Brochure


Government of Manitoba Disabilities Office
The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (pdf)
The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (word)
Customer Service Accessibility Standard (pdf)
Customer Service Accessibility Standard (word)
Manitoba Human Rights Code
Words with Dignity (Manitoba Disabilities Issues Office) (pdf)

Documents and Tutorials

Resources for Online Accessibility