Common Schedule - Legal

The Office of Legal Counsel is the Office of Record for all legal contracts and advice. The following classifications apply to all other offices.

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Contracts and Agreements
Legal Advice
Standard Waivers
University Forms

LEGAL-010 (Contracts and Agreements)*

This series includes copies of all original legal agreements and contracts. Office of Primary Responsibility is the Office of Legal Counsel and they are responsible for maintaining the original contract or agreement. For all other offices, refer to the following retention period:

Retention for LEGAL-010: When Contract or Agreement becomes Obsolete + 1 Year: Destroy

Example: A staff or faculty member has been seconded and a contract is required. Once the contract has been finalized, send the original to the Office of Legal Counsel and file a copy in your unit. One (1) year after the contract ends/becomes obsolete, it can be destroyed.

Download a Requisition to Destroy Records (RDR) form for LEGAL-010.

*May contain personal information or information pertaining to a third party, subject to FIPPA restrictions for access.

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LEGAL-020 (Legal Advice)

This series consists of copies of all correspondence to and from internal and external counsel. Records may include memos, emails, letters and samples. Office of Primary Responsibility for these records is the Office of Legal Counsel. They are responsible for ensuring full retention of these records. For all other offices, refer to the following retention period:

Retention for LEGAL-020: Obsolete + 1 Year: Destroy

Example: Your unit contacts the Office of Legal Counsel requesting their advice regarding a contract for the purchase of equipment or an information system for your unit. Maintain copies of all correspondence containing legal advice for one (1) year after the purpose of the advice (i.e. contract) is obsolete, and then confidentially destroy the records.

Download a Requisition to Destroy Records (RDR) form for LEGAL-020.

Note: All Legal advice is privileged.

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LEGAL-030 (Standard Waiver)

This series consists of standard waiver forms for student trips, travel and study abroad, exchanges, participation in work-study co-ops, volunteering, etc. Waivers should be maintained in the office of origin. It is recommended that you obtain standard legal forms for use from the website, rather than relying on previously saved versions. Standard forms may be found by visiting the Standard Agreements webpage for the Office of Legal Counsel: Records can be further divided into the following sub-sets:


LEGAL-031: Blank sample of waiver form.

Retention for LEGAL-031: Transfer one (1) copy of any amended, revised or new waiver form to Archives for permanent retention.

Example: One of the professors in your unit offeres a course where the students go on a field trip, therefore waivers are required for all students to sign. Once the form has been developed through the Office of Legal Counsel, transfer one (1) blank copy of the waiver to Archives.

Download a Requisition to Transfer Records (RTR) form for LEGAL-031.

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LEGAL-032: Completed waiver forms.*

Retention for LEGAL-032: Retain the form for 2 years after the completion or termination of the event: Destroy

Example: Continuing with the example from LEGAL-030, a professor is taking their students on a field trip on March 1, 2014, so a waiver form has been developed for this purpose. Retain the waivers signed by the students for two (2) years after the field trip takes place, then destroy. In this scenario, the completed waiver forms can be destroyed on March 2, 2016.

Download a Requisition to Destroy Records (RDR) form for LEGAL-032.

*May contain personal information, subject to FIPPA restrictions for access.

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LEGAL-099 (University Forms)

This series consists of all university-created forms for use by applications, students and staff. This includes, but is not limited to, application, appeal, authorization, permission, request and recommendation forms. This classification applies only to a blank sample form. All completed forms should be filed in the client/subject's appropriate file.

Retention for LEGAL-099: One (1) blank copy of each form and any revision to the form should be transferred to Archives

Example: An application form is developed for a program within your unit. Transfer one (1) blank copy of this form to Archives.

Download a Requisition to Transfer Records (RTR) form for LEGAL-099.

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Last Updated: August 8, 2017


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