Common Schedule - Finance

Financial Services is the Office of Record for all transactional financial records. The following classifications apply to all other offices.

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Administration of Grants and Awards
Trust or Endowment Administration
General Accounting

FINANCE-010 (Supplies)

This series consists of records relating to the purchase and maintenance of general office supplies and equipment, including order forms, packing slips, catalogues, brochures, budget number lists, purchase orders and related correspondence.

Retention for FINANCE-010: End of Active Use + 6 Months: Destroy

Example: Your office ordered some supplies from Office Max/Grand & Toy on April 1, 2013 but had to return an item on April 10, 2013. The packing slip and any related correspondance to Office Max/Grand & Toy regarding the order and/or returned item can be destroyed on October 11, 2013.

Download a Requisition to Destroy Records (RDR) form for FINANCE-010.

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FINANCE-020 (Administration of Grants and Awards)

This series consists of records related to the financial management and/or supervision of scholarship, bursaries, fellowships, research grants and prizes awarded to faculty, students and research staff. Records may include applications (or copies of applications to external bodies), disbursement conditions, payment schedules, account information, supporting documents and related correspondence. Records can be divided into the following sub-sets:


FINANCE-021: Records related to successful applicants.

Retention for FINANCE-021: Completion of Grant/Award + 7 Years: Destroy

Example: A faculty member in your unit applied for a grant in September 2010 and the grant came to a close on November 15, 2013. All records relating to the grant (including the original application) must be maintained until November 16, 2020 and then they can be confidentially destroyed.

Download a Requisition to Destroy Records (RDR) form for FINANCE-021.

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FINANCE-022: Records related to unsuccessful applicants.

Retention for FINANCE-022: Date of application + 1 Year: Destroy

Example: A faculty member in your unit applied for a SSHRC grant on October 1, 2013 but the application was rejected. Maintain all records associated with the application until October 2, 2014 and then confidentially destroy the records.

Download a Requisition to Destroy Records (RDR) form for FINANCE-022.

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FINANCE-030 (Trust or Endowment Administration)

This series consists of records relating to the establishment, monitoring and disbursement of faculty endowment funds. Records can be further divided into the following sub-sets:


FINANCE-031: General administrative documents, such as disbursements, account information, declined project proposals and FOAP requests.

Retention for FINANCE-031: End of Fiscal Year + 7 Years: Destroy

Example: Your unit has an endowment fund set up that provides financial assistance to students within a specified program. All records related to the disbursement of the funds, including any correspondence, must be maintained until the end of the current fiscal year (i.e. March 31, 2014) plus 7 years. Therefore, disbursement records from November 2013 must be maintained until April 1, 2021, at which time they can be confidentially destroyed.

Download a Requisition to Destroy Records (RDR) form for FINANCE-031.

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FINANCE-032: Records relating to the establishment of funds, correspondence with donors*, approved projects, fund charters and supporting documentation.

Retention for FINANCE-032: Life of Trust or Endowment + 7 Years: Transfer to Archives

Note: If the Endowment is perpetual, these records may be transferred to the Archives when they become historical and no longer referred to frequently by the original office.

* May contain personal information, subject to FIPPA restrictions for access.

Example: A donor approaches your unit to establish an endowment fund that is to end on January 1, 2020. All records associated with the establishment of the fund, including correspondence and other supporting documentation, must be maintained until January 2, 2027, at which time the records can be transfered to Archives.

Download a Requisition to Transfer Records (RTR) form for FINANCE-032.

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FINANCE-040 (Accounting, General)

This series consists of records related to the routine financial administration of the unit. Records may include sales transactions (including interdepartmental charges), bills, statements, Monthly Operating Reconciliations (MORs) and supporting materials, reconcilliations and materials, credit card/debit statements and receipts, pre-Concur travel claim forms, purchase requisitions, copies of journal entries, copies of budget adjustments, systems contract forms and related correspondence.

Retention for FINANCE-040: End of Current Fiscal Year + 6 Years: Destroy

Note: Should any sales transactions, bills or other documents be required to support warranties on equipment, it should be retained under either FINANCE-040 or ASSETS-012, using whichever retention results in the longer retention.

Example: Your office maintains all general accounting records for your unit and you want to see how many, if any, records have met the retention requirement for destruction. As of the current fiscal year (2013-2014), all general accounting records from the current fiscal year back to fiscal year 2007-2008 will need to be retained by the unit (i.e. records from April 1, 2007 - March 31, 2014). Any records from March 31, 2007 and older can be confidentially destroyed.

Going forward, every April 1st (the beginning of the next fiscal year), your unit will be able to confidentially destroy another fiscal year's worth of general accounting records. Example: On April 1, 2014, records from the 2007-2008 fiscal year (April 1, 2007 - March 31, 2008) will be eligible for destruction.

Download a Requisition to Destroy Record (RDR) form for FINANCE-040.

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Last Updated: August 8, 2017

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