Common Schedule - External Relations and Services

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Marketing and Promotional Materials
Donor and Constituent Files
Vendor Files
Publicity Files
Patient Files

ER-010 (Marketing and Promotional Materials)

This series consists of records relating to the design, creation and distribution of all information/promotional/marketing materials produced for or by the faculty/department/unit. Records may include annual reports, brochures, posters, advertisements, mail-outs, website/internet-related materials, correspondence, drafts, final copies, screen shots of web/internet-related materials and supporting documentation. Records can be divided into the following sub-sets:


ER-011: Marketing Materials.

Retention for ER-011: Transfer one copy of each final product to Archives

Example: Your unit has developed a brochure that hi-lights the programs/services that your unit provides. Once the brochure has been completed and printed, transfer one copy to Archives.

Download a Requisition to Transfer Records (RTR) form for ER-011.

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ER-012: All other records.

Retention for ER-012: Last Use or Obsolete + 3 Years: Destroy

Example: All records associated with the creation of your unit's brochure (see example for ER-011), including correspondence (emails or memos), drafts, etc. can be destroyed three (3) years after they were last used.

Download a Requisition to Destroy Records (RDR) form for ER-012.

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ER-020 (Donor and Constituent Files)**

This series consists of correspondence with donors pertaining to their donations and direct relationship with the University/faculty/department. This applies to any gift made via cash, credit, gifts of securities, as well as gifts in kind, including gifts of archival papers, books, specimen collections, equipment, etc. Please note that a copy of the final agreement and donor contact information should be shared with Donor Relations before finalization, and the original copy of any legal contract or deed of gift should be sent to the Office of Legal Counsel for retention. Records can be divided into the following sub-sets:


ER-021: Donor Files: Files pertaining to a relationship that has resulted in the formal transfer of gift of any sort to the University, including correspondence, appraisal and logistical information, copy of the deed of gift, etc.

Retention for ER-021: Permanent, Archival *

Example: Your unit has received a gift from an alumni member. Transfer the original copy of the deed of gift to the Office of Legal Counsel for retention, and then contact the Access and Privacy Office regarding the transfer of the records to Archives.

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ER-022: Constituent Files: Files pertaining to a potential donor, where the final agreement has not been reached.

Retention for ER-022: If an agreement is reached, handle as ER-021. In the event that the relationship becomes inactive, retain for 3 years following last contact, then destroy. *

Example: Your unit had been in communication with a potential donor over a period of time, but on March 1, 2013, the discussions with the potential donor came to a close without an agreement being reached. On March 2, 2016, all files regarding the potential donor can be confidentially destroyed.

Download a Requisition to Destroy Records (RDR) form for ER-022.

* May contain personal information or information pertaining to a third party, subject to FIPPA restrictions for access.

** This series is separate from the main donor files held by Donor Relations.

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ER-030 (Vendor Files) **

This series consists of current contact information, products description and delivery or maintenance schedule information from vendors used by the faculty/department/unit. This series does not include contracts or service agreements.

Retention for ER-030: Termination of Relationship with the Vendor + 1 Year: Destroy

Example: Your unit had a service contract with Culligan for the delivery of water to your office(s). On May 15, 2013, your unit cancelled the service contract with Culligan. On May 16, 2014, the unit's records pertaining to the service contract with Culligan can be confidentially destroyed.

Download a Requisition to Destroy Records (RDR) form for ER-030.

** This series is separate from the main vendor files held by Financial Services.

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ER-040 (Publicity Files)

This series includes medial releases, responses, published information from external sources (newspaper and magazine clippings, newscasts, etc.) and interviews by University staff, students or affiliates, pertaining to University issues.

Retention for ER-040: End of Current Year + 4 Years: Transfer to Archives

Example: Your unit maintains a binder of media releases, newspaper and magazine articles regarding the unit. Your unit wants to transfer as many records as possible to Archives. During the year 2013, your unit can transfer records from 2008 and older. During the year 2014, your unit will be able to transfer records from the year 2009 and older, etc.

Download a Requisition to Transfer Records (RTR) form for ER-040.

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ER-050 (Patient Files)

This series includes medical, dental or psychological patient files, created both for staff, students and external clients of the University of Manitoba.

Retention for ER-050: Termination of Patient Relationship + 10 years: Destroy;

In the event the patient is a minor, retain for 10 years after the patient has reached the age of majority, then destroy.

Example: Your unit provides health services to staff, students and/or external clients, and you want to know which patient files (non-minors) you can confidentially destroy as of December 1, 2013. All patient files that became inactive November 30, 2003 and older can be confidentially destroyed on December 1, 2013.

Download a Requisition to Destroy Records (RDR) form for ER-050.

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Last Updated: August 8, 2017

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