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The Canadian Copyright Act has a notice-and-notice provision (see Sections 41.25, 41.26, and 41.27 of the Act for details) which provides a mechanism for copyright owners to take steps when their work has been infringed, and for website hosts to take action upon receiving a notice of alleged infringement. The University of Manitoba is required by law to react if it receives such a notice.

What does this mean for your unit's web pages and social media presence? If your public web pages and social media pages include other people's copyrighted content which is not covered by a provision of the Copyright Act (such as Fair Dealing) or for which permission  or a licence is required, your unit may be required to obtain permission or remove the content.

Please review your unit's public web pages and social media pages for potential copyright issues and fill out the Web Pages/Social Media Review Form (Word) when complete. When reviewing content, consider the following:

  1. Was the content created by UM staff or provided by the Marketing and Communications Office? If so, no action is required.
  2. Was the content copied from another website? If so, confirm that the website terms of use or a licence allows copying onto your unit webpage, or that a Copyright Act provision such as Fair Dealing applies. Note that Fair Dealing for educational purposes is limited and would not cover, for example, the inclusion of images on a web site or on social media such as Instagram or Facebook simply to add interest to the page. If your use is not covered by the Act, terms of use or a licence, obtain permission, remove the content, or use a link instead. Ensure that all third-party content - including clipart - is cited.
  3. Does the content have a Creative Commons licence? If so, it can remain on the unit's website provided it is cited and is not cropped or otherwise modified (unless the Creative Commons licence allows for such).
  4. If permission was obtained for the content, ensure the citation includes a "Used with permission" statement. Retain permissions for your files.
  5. Is the textual content original (that is, not plagiarized)? If exact words from another source were copied, include quotation marks with the citation. Note that quoting a small amount of text with appropriate attribution does not require permission.

Please contact the Copyright Office if your unit:

  1. Requires help with determining what is allowed on your unit's public web pages or social media pages.
  2. Requires help with obtaining copyright permission.
  3. Receives a notice of infringement regarding content on your unit's public web pages or social media pages.

Going forward, please review new content before it is posted or uploaded to ensure copyright compliance.

Copyright Office
201 Allen Building
Fort Garry Campus
University of Manitoba

 Remember, use it fairly - keep it legal.