Copyright and Thesis Guidelines

If the thesis or practicum includes copyrighted material from other sources, permission may be needed from the copyright holder(s). See the Info Slides from the Copyright Office home website for copyright guidance on when permission is needed or send your question to

If copyright permission is needed, you may use a sample copyright permission letter available from the Copyright Office home website. Some copyright holders prefer to use their own permission forms or licences. All of these are acceptable ways to obtain permission.

Obtaining copyright permission, when it is needed, may take a short amount of time or a considerable amount of time. This must be taken into consideration when meeting a thesis submission deadline.

If copyright permission was obtained, include a “Used with permission” statement under the image or text in the thesis. The permission email or licence provided by the copyright holder should be retained by the student indefinitely.

In some cases, the copyright holder cannot be located or the cost of obtaining permission is prohibitive to using the text or image. In these situations, the text or image may have to be omitted from the thesis/practicum. Subsequently, information on where the reader can locate the image or text (such as the URL, title of book/journal, volume and issue number, page number, publisher, and date of publication), should be included in the thesis. A description of the purpose or significance of the text or image should also be provided.

See the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for the full Thesis Guidelines.