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About CPAM


 UMSU and the University wish to formally set out the general terms and commitments around their Collaboration to Promote Art and Music (CPAM).
 The objective of CPAM is to surprise and delight the University community with artistic expression and performance while promoting the creative talents of the University’s students.
  UMSU and the University aim to achieve the CPAM objective through three specific programs:
  •  The Tunnel Vision Program: The creation of art and murals in select areas of the University’s tunnel system;
  •  The Random Acts of Music Program: coordination of musical performance at select times and locations at the University;
  •  The Sculptural Experience Program: The coordination of a juried competition for the creation and installation of sculpture.
A CPAM Committee will be established, the membership and terms of reference of which shall be as follows:
The Committee membership:
From students:
  • Vice- President Student Services, UMSU, co-chair
  • Faculty of Music Association UMSU Representative
  • Student of School of Art UMSU Representative
  • Executive Assistant of UMSU
From faculty:
  • Department Head of Sculpture, School of Art
  • Deparment Head of Jazz Studies, Faculty of Music
  • A faculty member of the Department of Landscape Architecture in the Faculty of Architecture as a representative of the Exterior Environment Committee)
From administration:
  • Manager of General Services, Physical Plant
  • Associate Vice-President (Administration), co-chair
  • Executive Assistant to the AVP (Administration)
An artist from the community selected with the agreement of UMSU and the University.

The Committee’s terms of reference are to:

i) Review and approve the procedures and regulations for implementation of CPAM

ii)  Consider and address issues such as waivers, copyright, contracts with the artists, and clean-up/restoration

iii) Set the amount of grant and/or honoraria payable under the CPAM program

iv)  Approve with two-thirds majority the award of specific projects under the CPAM program for each of the areas identified. In the case of the Sculpture Experience program, this will be a juried competition involving select     Committee members.

v) Create a list of criteria by which submissions are approved or denied, which shall attempt to balance the artistic freedom of the applicants and the public good, as well as to address any safety concerns.

Funds provide honoraria and/or grants to student artists/performers, and/or reimbursement of the cost of supplies related to the program awards and CPAM objectives.

A change to the program allocations above-noted may be recommended by the Committee and is subject to the joint approval of the Vice-President (Student Services) for UMSU and of the AVP (Administration) for the University.

UMSU and the University agree that no work or performance will be permitted to be undertaken pursuant to CPAM that is or may be perceived to be racist, sexist, homophobic, obscene, or discriminatory in any way, or that promotes or suggests the promotion of violence or the use of weapons, alcohol or drugs.


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