Annual Outreach Award Recipients

2007-2008 Recipients

A reception was held on December 8, 2008, to honour the 2008 Annual Outreach Award recipients:


for enlarging and enriching the contacts of the University of Manitoba with the Seven Oaks General Hospital and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.  Ms. Cohen Baker was instrumental in organizing the hospital librarians to meet the needs of the WRHA Nursing Leadership Framework project.  She also extends herself beyond the physical confines of the library, participating in clinical rounds by providing highly specific case-related information in support of patient care and helping implement evidence-based practice.  Ms. Cohen Baker is a member of the Seven Oaks General Hospital Ethics Committee and the Government of Canada’s Workplace Skills Initiative Program’s Project Leadership Team for the Retention of Older Workers.


for her extensive involvement in community-based initiatives involving dental hygiene, oral health and dental services.  Ms. Bertone developed oral health educational opportunities, particularly in Churchill, Manitoba, where she helped create engaging, fun and contemporary themed approaches to health promotion.  Ms. Bertone was also a member of the Centre for Community Oral Health Team Ghana Dental Outreach Mission trip in 2007, where she help provide dental services to two highly under-served communities in remote regions of Ghana.


for her commitment to the Chinese community and for promoting the understanding of Asian affairs among the general public.  Dr. Chen was a jury member of the Chinatown Banner Project and she was involved in providing information in support of fundraising for victims of the Sechuan Earthquake.  She created a display on the Beijing Olympics for Folklorama and acted as the Master of Ceremonies Chairperson for the Chinese Pavilion.  When the Henan Television Station Children’s Performing Arts Troupe visited Winnipeg, she assisted in hosting them, organizing meetings with youth members of local cultural groups and arranging a visit to the University of Manitoba.  Dr. Chen has emerged as a major contributor both to the activities of the Chinese community and to the Manitoba public’s awareness of China’s history, politics and culture.


for leading two design/build studios in the rural community of Clearwater, Manitoba.  Professor Coar’s un/re-build studio involved dismantling an old school and re-using the materials (in consultation with the community) to design/build a bridge, trail shelter and kitchen in a community building.  The second design/build studio is currently underway and involves students dismantling a portion of a barn and working with the community to identify how the salvaged materials will be used to build needed community facilities.


for developing the “Running with the Bisons” program, which links youth from the Skownan First Nation with University of Manitoba women basketball players; and for her work initiating the “Junior Bison” basketball program.  The “Running with the Bisons” program, partnered with Career Trek, focuses on mentorship and leadership in promoting education and sport among the Aboriginal youth.  The “Junior Bison” basketball program involves a mentoring program which includes players, alumni and community members.


for being active in countless community organizations with a focus on solutions to violence and abuse and for being a tireless advocate for women and children.  Dr. De Luca serves on a number of boards and committees, including the Edgewood Program at MacDonald Youth Services, RESOLVE, Villa Rosa, and the Jessie Residential Care Home for Sexually Abused Adolescents.  Dr. De Luca also volunteers her services to speak to students and staff at schools throughout Manitoba, and various community groups and organizations.


for being the driving force behind the concept and the delivery of the Alternative Village, a site on the edge of the Fort Garry campus which consists of a collection of small buildings constructed using alternative building and building-energy strategies.  In September, 2008, Dr. Dick was instrumental in hosting the “Northern Climates Alternative Building Design Day” at the Alternative Village.  This one-day conference included “heads-on” workshops in the morning and “hands-on” workshops in the afternoon.  Participants ranged from researchers from universities in North and South Dakota and Saskatchewan, to local homeowners considering the possibility of building a new home using “alternative” construction techniques.  In the spring of 2008, Dr. Dick also offered a two-week long “truss school” as a service to the truss industry in western Canada.  The “truss school” is an innovative approach to sharing the resources of the Department of Biosystems Engineering with the community.


for enlarging and enriching the contacts of the University of Manitoba with national and international mathematical communities.  Dr. Gumel helped create of the Prairie Network for Research in Mathematical Sciences, a network which aims to encourage and advance the mathematical sciences in the Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  He also spearheaded the formation of the Canada-Africa Biomathematics Network, which brings together researchers to develop collaborative research and training programs aimed at devising effective mechanisms, using mathematical modeling, to combat the spread of deadly diseases.  Dr. Gumel was also on a team to help form the African University of Science and Technology and is also a member of the International Scientific Committee of the National Mathematical Centre, Nigeria.


for his work with injury prevention programs, specifically the ThinkFirst Foundation of Canada and as Director of ThinkFirst Manitoba.  ThinkFirst is a national non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of brain and spinal cord injuries.  Dr. McDonald leads the Manitoba chapter, which presents its injury prevention curriculum in every elementary and junior high school in the province.  The Chapter also distributes cycling helmets to children who otherwise can not afford them.


for her work enriching the ties between the University of Manitoba and the community, by delivering workshops and presentations to frontline social workers on the issue of cultural safety.


for her extensive involvement in community-based endeavours on trauma, mental health and suicide.  Dr. Peter is actively involved in community work with Klinic Community Health Centre, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and Manitoba Health.  She is a member of Klinic’s Board of Directors, and has worked on an evaluation of Klinic’s new auricular acupuncture program offered to individuals with various mental health, trauma or addiction issues.  Dr. Peter is also a member of WRHA’s Winnipeg Regional Suicide Prevention Committee and Manitoba Health’s Trauma Leadership Committee. 


for sharing her political expertise and insights during the most recent Federal election campaign.  Dr. Speers was a prominent analyst of Manitoba and Canadian political events in provincial and national media coverage this year.  She made dozens of television and radio appearances, and was a regular commentator in print and online media.  She was CBC radio’s national commentator for daily morning programs.  Every time Dr. Speers made a media appearance, her affiliation with the University of Manitoba was made clear, and her expertise and insights reflected beneficially on our institution.