Articulation Agreements

Articulation Agreements are University of Manitoba Senate approved bilateral or multi-lateral agreements between the University of Manitoba and other recognized post-secondary institutions that define the terms and conditions for consideration of admission and recognition of prior learning within the context of specific programs or credentials.

Upon successful admission, students may receive established credit within a program at the University of Manitoba, which shortens the path to the credential (typically a three-year or four-year degree) that is ultimately sought.

Recognition of prior academic achievement may be in the form of University of Manitoba advance standing or credit recognition, reducing the total credit hours required for credential completion.  This credit would be based on either:

  1. an earned credential (for example a one-year or two-year certificate or diploma), or
  2. an approved program of study at the partner institution.

For more information on Articulation Agreements at the University of Manitoba, please refer to the resources below.

Articulation Agreements at the University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba has partnered with a number of local and international post- secondary institutions to offer articulation programs. Please refer to the links below for a listing of current agreements.

Provincial Agreements ►

International Agreements ► (select Articulation under Partnership Type)

New Articulation Proposal Process

Please refer to the Articulation Agreement Approval Process webpage below for information on the approval process for a new articulation program.  It is highly recommended that  you contact the  Vice-Provost (Integrated Planning & Academic Programs) to discuss the  proposed  program prior to beginning the approval process.

Agreement Proposal Process and Forms ►

For units proposing an articulation agreement at the international level, please contact the International Office for further instructions.

Renewal of Articulation Agreements

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Dr. David Collins
Vice-Provost (Integrated Planning & Academic Programs)

Cassandra Davidson
Undergraduate Program Analyst

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